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POPI Update: Parliament delays POPI to 2016

Many people are waiting for confirmation of the POPI commencement date. For any project it is always helpful to know your deadline. Parliament and the Minister are yet to give us a clear indication of the POPI timeline. POPI became [...]

Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

Parliament has invited everyone to nominate five people for Parliament to appoint as members of the Information Regulator. Do you want to nominate someone? Do you know anyone who might want to nominate someone? Finding the right members is important to [...]

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Class Action for Civil Damages

A class action is quite common in other parts of the world and until recently South African courts haven't properly addressed the issue. This has all changed with the Transnet class action, South Africa's first and largest suit of its [...]

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Impact of POPI on records management

What is the impact of POPI on Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)? Will an EDRMS help you to comply with POPI? Does POPI mean that you need an EDRMS even more? Will POPI have an impact on your [...]

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“Fraudulent” access to an IT system containing unprotected public data

Is it an offence to access data that is freely available on the Internet? Many of us would think that it isn’t if the data is accessible by the public. Can a person use public data (that may include public [...]

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POPI and Consumer Rights

Does the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) protect consumers? Consumers in South Africa are currently protected by the Consumer Protection Act. Will POPI add to those protections? How does POPI protect consumers? We frequently get asked questions about this, [...]

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What rights do service providers have to demand personal information?

Can service providers demand ID numbers, copies of ID books, and other personal information from consumers? What legal protection do consumers have? I was asked this question in a recent radio interview (see www.capetalk.co.za, John Maytham show 5.10pm, 4 June [...]

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Your PAIA Manual and POPIA | Action required

Do you already have a PAIA Manual or Access to Information Manual? Are you wondering whether it is in-line with the latest laws and regulations in South Africa? Is your PAIA Manual in-line with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act)? POPIA amended [...]

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Latest version of the Protection of Personal Information Bill

Are you looking to download the latest version of the Protection of Personal Information Bill? You actually need to look at the Protection of Personal Information Act because the Bill has been enacted and is now an Act. A bill is [...]