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Drone law or regulations in South Africa | Get up to speed

Drone law in South Africa is a very interesting and complex situation. The flying of drones in the South African airspace had been unregulated and essentially illegal. Initially, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) responded by clamping down on [...]

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The deadline to change the Cybercrimes Bill has been extended to the 10 August 2017

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has called for comments and public participation on the latest version of the Cybercrimes Bill. The deadline to submit your comments has been extended to Thursday 10 August 2017. Your participation and comment are vitally [...]

Who is an Electronic Communications Service Provider (ECSP)?

You may be wondering whether you are an Electronic Communications Service Provider (ECSP) as defined by law. It's an interesting question. A lot more people are ECSPs than you realise. You probably are one. What does it mean for you if [...]

What is a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII)?

You may be wondering whether you have anything that can be declared a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). It's an interesting question. You might well have CII. What does this mean for you? What are the practical consequences? What falls within the definition [...]

2015 Cybercrimes Bill

The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is in the process of being enacted. We have summarised the 2017 version to help you understand what the current position is. This article is a summary of the 2015 Cybercrimes Bill. Offences The 2015 Cybercrimes Bill created many [...]

Alert | Cybercrimes Bill 2017 Update

Today, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has released a new version of the Cybercrimes Bill. This long-awaited bill was first released for public comment in August 2015. Since then, the Cybercrimes Bill has undergone significant changes with consultations from [...]

Data Localization Laws around the World

Data localization laws are essentially laws that require data to be processed within a particular territory or location. For example, storing locally - either in a particular country or in a local computing environment rather than in the cloud. There are [...]

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EU Cybersecurity Rules

New EU Cybersecurity Rules have been approved. The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers have agreed on the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS) that will tackle cybersecurity in the European Union. It has an impact on critical service companies [...]

New Levy on Consumer Businesses

Have you received a letter with the subject line "Compulsory Participation in the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud" from Trifecta Capital acting on behalf of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud? Did the letter tell you that you have to pay a [...]

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Class Action for Civil Damages

A class action is quite common in other parts of the world and until recently South African courts haven't properly addressed the issue. This has all changed with the Transnet class action, South Africa's first and largest suit of its [...]

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