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A Sale of Goods under the CPA

A sale of goods is never just about a supplier selling goods to a consumer, and simply applying whatever terms they wish to the transaction. The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) applies to these transactions and provides consumers with a number [...]

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Promotional Competitions and the Law

If you are marketer or brand activator who uses promotional competitions or prize draws as a way of promoting in South Africa, you need to comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) requirements in section 36 and Regulation 11. We [...]

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Top Five Legal Issues Writers Face

When it comes to legal issues writers face, the challenges may differ according to the category each writer falls into. Academic writers, for example, may face completely different legal issues compared to novelists and poets. The one thing that is certain [...]

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How to Block Unwanted Calls, Phone Numbers and SMSs

Are you the target of direct marketing? Do you want to block calls from direct marketers or stop unwanted calls or SMSs selling you things? Direct marketing is the when goods or services are sold direct to the public rather [...]

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When a Retailer displays the Wrong Price

What happens when a retailer displays the wrong price? Let’s say, for example, the price displayed for a cell phone is R120 when it should be R1,200. The consumer sees R120 and thinks “Great, that is a good deal!” and [...]

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New Levy on Consumer Businesses

Have you received a letter with the subject line "Compulsory Participation in the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud" from Trifecta Capital acting on behalf of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud? Did the letter tell you that you have to pay a [...]

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The Consumer Protection Act – a heads up

The Consumer Protection Act came into force on 31 March 2011! Do you comply? The President of South Africa signed the Consumer Protection Act on 24 April 2009 and it was published in the government gazette on 29 April 2009. [...]

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Loyalty programmes and the law

They are everywhere - freebies, added benefits and loyalty schemes. Loyalty programmes, credits and schemes incentivise consumers to stay loyal to certain brands, retail outlets, airlines, banks, cellular providers and many other suppliers of goods and services. As a consumer, [...]

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Victory for plain language and consumer protection

On 23 October 2012 Justice Dhaya Pillay handed down a judgment in the Durban High Court, which might prove to be a victory in the war against legalese and unfair contract terms. one of the biggest questions was whether Mr [...]

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How does the CPA affect your relationship with your customers?

We are running a workshop on the impact of the CPA on your customer relationship management. Join us in Johannesburg on 29 November 2012 to find out how we can help you implement an effective CPA strategy for CRM. Do [...]

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