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Do you want to attend a legal training course to learn more about a specific law or legal issue? Are you looking for legal training or online legal training or eLearning for your organisation? There are various different groups of people who need to know different things about the law.

It is crucial that the legal training is suitable and specific to the audience. Specifically identified people must be trained on specific topics in the most appropriate way. Above all, it must be practical. It is important that the training adds value to you and your organisation. One that is relevant to you and that will address your specific questions and concerns. Your time is valuable and we want to make sure you spend it wisely.

We can help you to identify the right legal training that fits your requirements.

Our Legal Training Offering

Our attorneys are all professional speakers who love explaining the law simply in front of a group of people. One of our attorneys is even an actor by night. Most of them have excelled in public speaking competitions. Collectively, we have presented thousands of times in front of audiences from small groups to 800.

We have a lot of valuable legal content that can be presented in various ways. We offer various law courses or ways in which you can learn about the law. We offer a presentation, seminar, workshop, legal webinar or executive briefing on various legal topics by an expert with practical experience.

You can find out what legal training we are currently offering and book to attend.

We offer a simple no-risk, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee


You must have a clear understanding of why you want to do the legal training course. What outcomes do you want? What is the training meant to achieve? Is it to comply with a contractual obligation to a customer? Satisfy an internal or external audit requirement? To raise awareness? Plan what action needs to be taken? Awareness training is very different to a planning workshop.

The Target Audience

Who is the training for? Can they be split into different groups? Do they all need the same training? We need to work towards identifying specific target groups and topics, and then map which groups need to be trained on which topics.

In person or online legal training

In person, face-to-face training is often the most effective. But sometimes online training or eLearning can work very well, especially when the content is fixed and there are a large number of people who need to be trained. Most of the training we provide is in person, but we do offer online training in the form of eCourses and legal webinars.

The Format of the Material

We use many different formats to train people, from text, to audio, to videos, to assessments, to questionnaires, to exercises. Some target groups learn better by reading, others by watching, others by doing.

Public or in-house private legal training

Public training is often at a public venue (like a conference centre) and is attended by representatives from many different organisations. It usually costs less and enables you to discuss issues with your peers from other organisations. Our public workshops are at various venues around the country. We choose venues that are central so you can get to it easy, that have adequate parking, good food, and that ensure you are comfortable.

Private training is usually at your office or venue and enables you to discuss issues specific to your organisation that you would prefer to remain confidential. The material can also be tailored specifically for you. Compare going to a U2 concert vs having U2 play at your year-end function.

Live or self-paced Legal Training Course

Live training is done in real time. Mistakes get made and it isn’t perfect, but it is authentic, responsive and adaptive. Our live training is in person, face-to-face training and live webinars. Our self-paced training is eCourses and videos.

What kind of Legal Training do you need?

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