Internet Freedom – Nicholas Hall Saves the Internet

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Last week the portfolio committee on communications heard a report from Parliamentary Legal Services (PLS) regarding the Film and Publications Amendment Bill, a controversial bill that threatened internet freedom in South Africa. During their report, PLS asked one of the same questions [...]

Access to Information Book

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The access to information book was published by LexisNexis in May 2016. The book is written by Ronée Michelle Robinson. Access to information is based on the right to access to information in South Africa.  The book focuses on the [...]

Film and Publications Amendment Bill scrapped?

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The Film and Publications Amendment Bill is being finalised next week. The portfolio committee on communications will decide whether to approve the Bill and send it to parliament, or to scrap it entirely. We have fought hard to convince them [...]

You are a Commercial Online Distributor … Probably

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The recent changes to the Films and Publications Amendment Bill makes a distinction between a commercial online distributor and a non-commercial online distributor. This change helps to prevent private users from getting caught up in the regulatory machine. But it [...]

Is Livestream Legal in South Africa?

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There are many types of media that the law doesn't deal with properly. Livestream is one of them. Which begs the question: can we stream in South Africa, legally? And what changes, if any, will the proposed Film and Media [...]

Living Wills

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Living wills are documents that state the health treatment you want to receive once you are unable to tell doctors what you want. The idea behind living wills is that they ensure that your views are clear for doctors and [...]

ICT Weekly Update

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This is the ICT Weekly Update on legal, regulatory and policy developments in the ICT industry prepared by Lisa Thornton Inc for clients and colleagues. Michalsons reproduces it, in part, here with the permission of Lisa Thornton Inc. New Findings, [...]

National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper

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South Africa has a new National Integrated ICT Policy, which was approved by Cabinet on 3 October 2016. The South African government has changed its policy on information, communication, and technology (ICT). If you are an ICT company or in the [...]

Top Tips for Information Technology Contracts

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I've been drafting information technology contracts and SLAs for 17 years. I've acted for vendors (including some of the major multi-nationals) and for customers sourcing IT. We've been working on a set of templates for many years and we've used [...]

Map Activities, not Information

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You should map activities instead of data flows as a first step to complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). Many of our clients are struggling with a similar issue when it comes to complying with POPI. An obvious place to start [...]