When is the POPIA deadline in South Africa?

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We guestimate that the POPIA deadline will be on about 1 June 2021 or maybe a few months before that. Many people want to know when the POPIA deadline is so that they can plan what action to take and [...]

Is the ICO being too harsh with its GDPR fines?

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This week, the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) issued two intentions to fine organisations for breaches of the GDPR. It has not issued these GDPR fines yet, and both organisations still have an opportunity to respond to the intention with [...]

Data processing agreements are required by law

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Data protection laws require data processing agreements under certain circumstances and impose severe penalties where they aren’t in place. Let’s talk about how these agreements are required by law and what you can do to get them in place. Data [...]

Information Security and the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the phenomenon of computer chips and sensors being embedded in everyday physical objects that connect them to each other and the Internet. It’s transforming the world, with service providers rolling out IoT networks [...]

The options available when “partnering” with someone

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Many clients have been asking us to explain the different options available to them when they want to work with someone on a project. The clients often use the terms “partner” or “partnership” to describe the relationship they intend to [...]