Broadening access to justice through community service

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We believe that the law should be accessible, empowering and helpful to all. Most of our clients are corporates and most of our time is spent making the law accessible, empowering and helpful to corporates, but it is also important [...]

POPI Regulations or POPIA Regulations out for comment

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The Information Regulator has published the draft POPI Regulations (or the draft POPIA Regulations) and invited people to comment on them by 7 November 2017. In this article, we'll summarise them, enable you to download them and help you decide what action [...]

Copyright Amendment Bill Summary

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The Copyright Amendment Bill is a hotly debated document and the most recent edition was released in 2017. It’s rather confusing, and there are many different interpretations of the changes that are in it. We have created a Copyright Amendment [...]

Copyright Amendment Bill Submissions

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Last week Parliament heard the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions by members of the public. We were in Parliament to hear the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions and get all the latest insight from various stakeholders on the Bill. The sessions were [...]

The deadline to change the Cybercrimes Bill has been extended to the 10 August 2017

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The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has called for comments and public participation on the latest version of the Cybercrimes Bill. The deadline to submit your comments has been extended to Thursday 10 August 2017. Your participation and comment are vitally [...]

Freedom of expression news: data protection balancing act

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As data protection law develops, it frequently comes into conflict with freedom of expression. The right to privacy (like data protection) and freedom of expression are in a precarious balancing act and need to be handled carefully. The latest freedom [...]

Information Regulator Strategic Plan – a heads up

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The Information Regulator released the Information Regulator Strategic Plan for 2017 - 2020 on 9 June 2017. This plan is quite important and requires all private and public bodies to sit up and take note. It contains an explanation of the [...]

Information has Value – Secure it the right way

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Information has value for a number of reasons, and it is important to secure information. Doing this the right way should be one of your top priorities. If you don’t secure it the right way, you risk infringing the rights [...]