Youtube and COPPA – what do you need to know?

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently hit YouTube and Google with a $170 million fine due to YouTube collecting children's personal data without their parent's consent. The FTC relied on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) as a basis [...]

This is NOT what I signed up for – a survival guide for first-time managers

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I’m the managing attorney at Michalsons, which means that I manage the other attorneys in the office. I still practice as an attorney some of the time, but most of my time is spent managing other attorneys. It’s a tricky [...]

Respectful Policies and Directives Book

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As a lawyer, I’ve encountered many policies over many years. I’ve read, reviewed, interpreted and drafted them. I now realise that they were almost all horrible. I’ve seen the light and woken up to a whole new world. The light [...]

Guidelines on drafting Codes of Conduct

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Data protection authorities around the world can issue or approve Codes of Conduct under applicable data protection law. Monitoring bodies or associations often draft them and then submit them to the authority to be issued. To facilitate this process authorities [...]