The JSE Listing Requirements and King III and IV

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What do the JSE listing requirements say about the King Code? Is the King Code part of the requirements? Do listed companies have to comply with the King Code principles? Have the requirements changed since King III or are they still [...]

Launch of the Michalsons Compliance Programme

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We're excited to introduce you to the Michalsons Compliance Programme. The programme is a set of related activities with the long-term aim of complying with the Data Protection laws and including the Protection of Personal Information Act. Why the Michalsons Compliance [...]

Differences between King III and King IV

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King IV is now effective for financial years that start on or after 1 April 2017 and officially replaces King III in its entirety. In response, an important step for you to take is to understand the differences between King [...]

A Pro-Poor Legal Practice Book for all Lawyers

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The Pro-Poor Legal Practice book is a valuable resource for lawyers from all corners of the legal profession, drafters of laws, and even law students, legal secretaries, and government officials. The book connects all these different persons by highlighting the difference [...]

Email Encryption and POPIA – must you encrypt your emails?

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Does complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) also mean that you must use email encryption when sending emails containing personal information? In other words, does sending unencrypted emails containing personal information potentially violate POPIA? The short answer is: [...]