ICT Weekly Update

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This is the ICT Weekly Update on legal, regulatory and policy developments in the ICT industry prepared by Lisa Thornton Inc for clients and colleagues. Michalsons reproduces it, in part, here with the permission of Lisa Thornton Inc. NEW [...]

Information Security Laws or Privacy Laws – What is appropriate security?

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Information security laws (many of which are also privacy laws) across the globe require you to secure the personal data that you process. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom, and the [...]

Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill – Overview of the Cyber Bill

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The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is in the process of being enacted. Some people will call it the Cyber Bill, Cybercrime Bill or Cybercrime Act. Others might refer to it as CaCA, the CaC Bill or just CaC. What will you call [...]

Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS) Summary

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The Minimum Information Security Standards (or MISS) is a standard for the minimum information security measures that any institution must put in place for sensitive or classified information to protect national security. If you work with public service information resources, [...]

The Practical Impact of the Cyber Bill on You

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The second draft of the Cyber Bill (also known as the Cybercrime Bill) will have a significant impact on many organisations and individuals. Unfortunately, the impact is mostly negative and frankly scary. Correctional services are going to have to build more [...]

The Cyber Crime Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament

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Whatever you choose to call it, you need to know that the Cyber Crime Bill (or the Cybercrime Bill) is well on its way to becoming law. The Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament. The 2017 version Cabinet has approved [...]

How the GDPR changed the Argentina Personal Data Protection Act

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The Argentina Personal Data Protection Act has been Argentina's data protection law since 2000. The country is, however, moving away from this law, and has already drafted a new data protection Bill. The reason for this new Bill is to [...]

Is it possible to eSign or use an Online Signature?

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People everywhere want to know if they can eSign or use an online signature to sign documents, and whether or not such electronic signatures really are important. They want to know about how the law recognises electronic signatures. They're asking [...]

Progress by the Information Regulator – Media Briefing

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Michalsons attended the media briefing given by the Information Regulator in Cape Town on 13 February 2017. We were pleased to engage with this newly appointed, energetic and committed team. A few key points from their presentation follow: They have [...]

What is POPIA? POPI or POPIA? Which one is Correct?

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What is POPIA? POPIA stands for the Protection of Personal Information Act - the South African data privacy and data protection law that was enacted in 2013. Many people use the acronym POPI or POPI Act to refer to it. Some [...]