Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill – Overview of the Cyber Bill

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The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is in the process of being enacted. Some people will call it the Cyber Bill, Cybercrime Bill or Cybercrime Act. Others might refer to it as the CaC Bill or just CaC. What will you call [...]

The Law regards Automatic and Electronic Processes

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Many organisations are taking processes and looking to see how they can do them electronically and automatically. Putting digital first or moving from a paper-based environment to a digital environment. There are obviously huge benefits to going digital - [...]

Using special personal data to make automated decisions

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The law is very strict when it comes to making automated decisions based on special personal data. You need to be very careful in this regard because otherwise, you will be making unlawful automated decisions. These are the questions that [...]

How to approach social media policies successfully

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Are you looking for a Social Media Policy? Are Social Media Policies worth it? Wikpedia defines social media as “media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to [...]

Data protection standard | Bureau Veritas | ISO | SANS

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For many, a data protection standard is the holy grail in assisting them to comply with data protection laws. Data protection standards often provide very practical actionable controls (almost a checklist) that they can implement in order to protect data and therefore comply [...]

POPI Act summary in plain language | Find answers

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Are you looking for a POPI Act summary to help you on your process to POPI compliance? It is a complex law that is difficult to summarise. It has a broad impact on many entities and industries. The impact is also [...]

Who is liable for damages suffered by data subjects?

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When a data subject's right to privacy is infringed or someone fails to protect their personal data, and they suffer damages as a result. Who is liable for those damages? Who should the data subject be taking legal action against? Is [...]

POPI Commencement Date or POPI Effective Date starts the Clock

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Many people want to know what the POPI commencement date (or POPI effective date) will be. It is important because the grace period of one year starts running from the commencement date - the clock starts ticking. You must comply with POPI [...]