Selecting contract management software for your organisation

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Contract management software has many benefits for organisations. There are many good reasons why every organisation should be considering using contract management software. However, contract management software is not suitable for all types of contracts. And there is also no [...]

What is ICT? What is the Meaning or Definition of ICT?

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ICT is an acronym for "information communications technology". Many people ask what is ICT. What is the meaning or definition of ICT? The acronym ICT is often used in many different contexts. For example, people refer to the ICT industry, [...]

Alert | Cybercrimes Bill 2018 Update

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The latest draft of the Cybercrimes Bill is better but still concerning for a few reasons. The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development tabled a new version of the Cybercrimes Bill in the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services on [...]

Who needs a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

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Who must appoint a DPO? What does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require regarding a Data Protection Officer (or DPO)? This is one of the questions the GDPR, which the European Parliament recently adopted, has made many organisations ask. Another one of [...]

Social media risk: What should I not say online?

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Social media is a wonderful tool for communication and engagement between friends, or even complete strangers. But as with all tools, there certain risks that you have to be aware of when using it. Protecting your privacy is one of [...]

Smart contracts are the future for some transactions?

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We believe that smart contracts are the future for some transactions, like transferring property or hiring a car. We have all heard the hype about Bitcoin and the blockchain. Its rapid rise in popularity has caused a buzz not only in [...]

The Law regards Automatic and Electronic Processes

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Many organisations are taking processes and looking to see how they can do them electronically and automatically. Putting digital first or moving from a paper-based environment to a digital environment. There are obviously huge benefits to going digital - [...]