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Drone Regulations and the Road Ahead

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has finally released the regulations on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), commonly known as the drone regulations. These regulations are coming into force on 1 July 2015. Are the Regulations practical and will they be [...]

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The Memorandum of Incorporation of a Homeowners Association

What laws or rules apply to a homeowners association in South Africa? Many Homeowners Associations were registered as section 21 companies under the old Companies Act 1973. These were companies not for gain and they had a memorandum and articles of association. [...]

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Cryptography laws in South Africa

What is cryptography? Wikipedia defines "cryptography" as "the practice and study of hiding information". Where a document or communication has been encrypted, the act of encrypting serves several purposes? To: establish its authenticity; prevent its undetected modification; prevent its repudiation [...]

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Do you need to register as a Cryptography Provider?

You need to register as a cryptography provider if you provide encryption-related products and services or electronic-signature-related offerings. Cryptography and encryption present a challenge to security-conscious governments in that it allows you to conceal your message content from the authorities. [...]

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Trademark Applications – What You Need to Know

Trademark applications give a trade mark powerful protection against infringement. By default, trademarks are protected by the common law, but it's often difficult and expensive to protect your brand this way. Trademarks can be registered under the Trade Marks Act, No. 194 [...]

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Can I operate an online betting or gaming business from South Africa?

Online gambling is not permissible under the current legislation, but will soon be once the National Gambling Amendment Bill gets enacted. Currently gambling in South Africa is regulated concurrently by national and provincial legislation.  The National Gambling Act 7 of [...]

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