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Take action to comply with data protection laws with guidance from Michalsons by joining the exclusive Michalsons Compliance Programme. The programme is a set of related activities with the long-term aim of complying with the law (for example the POPI Act). We will walk through each step with you to ensure you reach your compliance objectives. We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. Collaborating with other organisations who have a similar compliance requirement to solve common issues makes a lot of sense, especially when the common goal is to protect people from harm. Through the programme, we help many organisations at the same time and thereby reduce the cost of compliance.

The Data Protection Programme will officially start on 1 May 2017, but you can join now. It will continue for as long as you need it – you can terminate your membership at any time. If you’d rather comply yourself (for example by attending a workshop) or ask Michalsons to comply for you, you can read more about these alternative options.

A compliance programme should be Outcomes-Based – not a tick box exercise

  • Comply with the law following a risk-based approach and by doing what is reasonably practicable.
  • Be able to demonstrate what you did to comply.
  • Build trust with your stakeholders (for example by displaying the POPI certified seal).
  • Minimise the risks of non-compliance.

How to Apply

Click the button below and complete the information requested. We’ll then contact you and ask you to complete a high-level Data Protection Law Impact Assessment questionnaire. Based on the information you provide, we’ll either send you an email with next steps to take, or set up a call with you to discuss the impact of data protection laws  on your organisation. Together we will establish whether the Michalsons compliance programme will meet your needs and be of value. We consider various criteria to establish whether you qualify.

Benefits of the Michalsons Compliance Programme

  • Know the latest developments by having continuous access to up-to-date accurate information. The compliance programme site is interactive, live and easy to search. Get your questions answered.
  • Save time by having an expert professional legal adviser guide you and do it with you. We will guide and coach you through the Michalsons four step process.
  • Stay on track to comply within the relevant timelines or grace periods. We’ll educate you, show you what to do and agree actions for you to take. You’ll have to report back to us on progress. Do the things you need to do at the right time and at the same time others are doing it.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance by using your resources, but with our expert guidance.
  • Our communications are privileged and regulators or authorities cannot seize them.

Features of the Michalsons Compliance Programme

The features include guidance, laws, tools, events, recordings, community and support. It is much more than just a toolkit. You can also read what is excluded and what the programme is NOT.

Who should join?

The programme is not open to the public and is exclusively for specific people and organisations. It is suitable for:

  • It is for both people who have already attended a Michalsons workshop or previously instructed Michalsons to assist them with compliance, and people who are just starting their compliance journey.
  • Organisations (regardless of size) whose primary business activity involves the processing of personal information. Especially organisations who have many natural people as customers (like direct marketers, healthcare providers, financial service providers, banks, and mobile telephone networks).
  • Medium to large organisations who must have a PAIA Manual regardless of whether their primary business activity involves the processing of personal information or not.
  • Organisations who process lots of personal information about their employees (like mines).
  • Both organisations who only have to comply with the law of one country (like the POPI Act) and those who have to comply with the laws of many countries (like the EU GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation).
  • Both private bodies (like a private company) and public bodies (like a Government Department or State Owned Company).
  • Both responsible parties and operators (like IT vendors).

Cost of the Michalsons Compliance Programme

There is a fixed monthly fee for one named member to participate in the programme. Apply now to find out the monthly or annual fee. Two or more members from your organisation qualify for a 10% discount. We also offer a 10% discount if you pay annually in advance. We will send your organisation an invoice for payment according to your normal processes. We offer a guarantee and you can terminate your membership at any time.