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Take action to comply with a law with guidance from Michalsons by joining an exclusive Michalsons Compliance Programme. We have two programmes that are available at the moment. You can read more about them here,

or read on to understand what makes up a compliance programme.

What is a Compliance Programme?

Data Protection Compliance Programme

We guide you through a set of related activities towards compliance.

What is a compliance programme?

It is a set of related activities with the aim of complying with the law. We ensure:

  • you comply with the law following a risk-based approach,
  • you are able to demonstrate what you did to comply,
  • you build trust with your stakeholders (for example by displaying a seal),
  • you minimise the risks of non-compliance.

How to Apply


Complete the form and we’ll send you a high-level Data Protection Impact Assessment questionnaire.

How to Apply

Click on the Apply button, complete the form indicating which of the programmes you’re interested in and we will then guide you through the next steps.

There is no cost to apply.

Apply Now

Benefits of the Programmes


We explore exactly what you get out of the programme.

Benefits of a Michalsons Compliance Programme

  • Know the latest developments by having continuous access to up-to-date accurate information. The compliance programme site is interactive, live and easy to search. 
  • Save time by having an expert professional legal adviser guide you and do it with you. We will guide and coach you through the Michalsons four step process.
  • Comply within the relevant timelines or grace periods.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance by using your resources, but with our expert guidance.
  • Our communications are privileged and regulators or authorities cannot seize them.

Features of the Programmes


We explore what is included in the Programme.

Features of the Michalsons Compliance Programmes

The features include a combination of guidance, laws, tools, events, recordings, community and support. Read more about what is included in the programmes that are currently available:

You can also read what is excluded and what the programmes are NOT.

Cost of the Programme


What is this programme going to cost you?

Cost of the Michalsons Compliance Programmes

By participating in a programme you are able to reduce the overall cost of compliance. There is either a fixed monthly fee or a fixed total fee for your organisation to participate in the programme. We will send your organisation an invoice for payment according to your normal processes. We offer a guarantee and you can terminate your membership at any time.

Who should Join?

Who should join?

Are you and your organisation suitable candidates for the programme?

Who should join?

Our programmes are for medium or large-sized organisations who want to practically and effectively comply with specific laws that apply to them. Our programmes are not open to the public and are exclusively for specific organisations. They are aimed at the people responsible for ensuring that their organisations comply. You must apply to join our programme – it takes 5 minutes. If you don’t meet the criteria, we’ll point you in the right direction. Read more about who should join.

Take a sneak peak of the Michalsons Compliance Programmes

This quick video will give you a more in-depth view of the programmes. We welcome your questions and look forward to engaging with you more. Take the next step in determining whether this will work for you. All you need to do is click Apply Now and we will send you a quick questionnaire for you to complete.

The various programmes begin at different times, but you can join now and remember you can terminate your membership at any time. If you’d rather comply yourself (for example by attending a workshop or webinar) or ask Michalsons to comply for you, you can read more about these alternative options.