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The Law regards Automatic and Electronic Processes

Many organisations are taking processes and looking to see how they can do them electronically and automatically. Putting digital first or moving from a paper-based environment to a digital environment. There are obviously huge benefits to going digital - [...]

Is it possible to eSign or use an Online Signature?

People everywhere want to know if they can eSign or use an online signature to sign documents, and whether or not such electronic signatures really are important. They want to know about how the law recognises electronic signatures. They're asking [...]

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Return of Goods under the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa

When can a consumer return goods under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in South Africa? In this article, we look at when a consumer can return goods and explain how we can help suppliers of goods or services (for example [...]

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Information and Communications Technology Law Book

Information and Communications Technology Law is a  book recently published by LexisNexis in 2016 dealing with South African law on the topic. It is written by DP van der Merwe, A Roos, T Pistorius, GTS Eiselen and SS Nel.  It is [...]

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Get limited liability

In the past, various Internet service providers (ISPs) and publishers have been held liable for the unlawful action of others. For example, ISPs have  been held liable for the data hosted on one of their servers by a customer. So, [...]

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Cryptography laws in South Africa

What is cryptography? Wikipedia defines "cryptography" as "the practice and study of hiding information". Where a document or communication has been encrypted, the act of encrypting serves several purposes? To: establish its authenticity; prevent its undetected modification; prevent its repudiation [...]

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Do you need to register as a Cryptography Provider?

You need to register as a cryptography provider if you provide encryption-related products and services or electronic-signature-related offerings. Cryptography and encryption present a challenge to security-conscious governments in that it allows you to conceal your message content from the authorities. [...]

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