• empowerment and transformation

We strongly believe in empowerment, transformation, diversity and inclusion. As the song Umuntu says – it is not because we must, but because we want to.

Empowerment and Transformation

We try to empower both our employees and our clients by increasing their knowledge on the law, giving them tools to perform their roles better and guiding them to achieve more. We meet with our attorneys on a regular basis to review their performance, plan ahead and guide them in their professional and personal development. We use third-party facilitators to run at least one session a year developing the individuals and the team.

We also strive to transform society into one where people are empowered and the wrongs of the past are addressed.

Michalsons is certified as a level 4 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) supplier, i.e. 100% of procurement spend may be included in our clients’ BEE scorecards. We are also certified as a ‘Value-Adding Supplier’ and this means that clients’ BEE procurement points may be enhanced by a further 25%, for a total of 125%. Request a copy of our BEE certificate. We give preference to previously disadvantaged people when we hire new team members.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse group is always more interesting, brings different perspectives and ultimately adds more value. We also believe in including people. Everyone’s view is important and worth listening to. We acknowledge the historical racism and sexism against certain people. We strive to:
  • never be racist or sexist.
  • speak out against any form of racism or sexism.
  • improve the lives of people who have been discriminated against in all we do.
We believe in striving for a world where people are equal. Black and white. Men and women. We support the He for She Foundation – a movement for gender equality.