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  • Agreements, contracts and terms of service

We strive to figure out exactly what you want (including timeframes) before we submit a proposal to you or commence with a piece of work. It is important that we understand what you need or require and by when.

  • What is the outcome you wish to achieve?
  • What is your objective?
  • What is the solution you seek?

We strive to understand your organisation, your goals, strategies and objectives, so that we can pro-actively find ways to add value to your organisation. We empower the legal function in large organisations helping them achieve their goals. This is why many organisations outsource aspects of their legal function to us. Especially when the legal function is at full capacity or for specialist areas.

Law simplified

Accessible, empowering and helpful

  • We always strive to make the law accessible to clients. We do this through the insights section of our website and the training we provide.
  • We empower our clients with tools (like templates) and knowledge through the programmes we run.
  • We always strive to be helpful. One of our mottoes is to “be helpful”. Our aim is to help you enable your organisation to achieve the strategy set by the governing body.

Conflicts of interest

We are aware of the dangers of conflicts of interest and follow all applicable laws, rules and codes. For example, we comply with rules 62 and 63 of the National Forum of the Legal Profession.

Trust builds long term relationships

We work collaboratively in teams

We believe that if we work together we almost always produce a better result for the client. For projects, we usually appoint a lead attorney. They bring in various other attorneys to play a role where necessary. For example, there are usually multiple attorneys in workshops. There are usually at least two attorneys in each workshop and sometimes more. With a different attorney assisting the lead with each different area. We also record all workshops so that we can listen to them again afterwards to process the information we gather accurately and build them into the deliverables.

There is always a senior attorney who plays an oversight role throughout the project. They play an active role and do not pass on projects to more junior resources who do not have the necessary skills and experience.

We also have a project manager who will also assist manage the project from our side. Our support desk also plays a vital role in supporting our attorneys.

We use technology

We use technology for a better, more efficient and less costly experience.

We give you certainty on fees

We prefer to give you a detailed proposal of the work we will do and the fee we will charge to enable you to make an informed decision and to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We are sensitive to your financial circumstances and accept that it is our responsibility to guard against inefficiencies and to align our legal fees. We believe that alternative billing structures (such as fixed fees) are a more efficient means of billings than hourly rates.

We prefer to agree a fixed fee with you before we start working on a specific matter. This is only possible if we can scope the work accurately. So please help us to help you by giving us the clearest possible instructions about what you want us to do for you.

We empower you to achieve your goals

Communication is key

We strive to provide excellent client service and always manage your expectations. We keep you informed about the progress of matters and provide you with realistic evaluations of situations. We can give clients access to our billing system so that they know in real time:

  • what matters are open,
  • who the lawyers are who are working on matters, and
  • the value of work in progress.

We can also generate and send you reports that include this information.

We try to provide you with a ‘roadmap’ in the form of a timeline, process outline or flow chart that details the stages your matter must go through to be finalised. We usually send this to you after you have accepted our fee estimate.

Feel free to contact members of the team we assign to you as often as you feel necessary. We also have a support desk (086 011 1245 or [email protected]) that can help if you cannot get hold of an attorney. We list all contact numbers, Skype numbers and email addresses of our team on their profile pages. Besides the normal channels of communication, we use our website as a client tool to provide you with relevant information. We update it often.

You might also want to follow Michalsons on Twitter and see what interests us. If you are on Facebook, get updates of our articles on our Michalsons facebook page. We also publish newsletters from time to time, which we will send to you unless you ask us not to.

We always strive to provide practical legal solutions

We strive to be strategic advisers and good legal technicians with good judgment. We think creatively and try to propose solutions that you might not have thought of previously.

We aim to do great work

Michalsons is committed to service excellence and quality of work. We aim to do great work which is why we have a quality management system. We have various systems in place to manage the quality of our work. We follow a process approach that ensures continual improvement. For example, we have the Michalsons Four-Step Compliance Process and the Michalsons Three-Step Drafting Process. We also have extensive templates and questionnaires that are continually updated. Our attorneys use them to produce deliverables in a consistent way. We have detailed descriptions of different pieces of work that attorneys follow to deliver quality work.

All deliverables are normally checked by more that one attorney before being delivered. We do internal audits that our processes are followed.

We welcome feedback

We ask attendees of all our workshops (both public and Private) to complete feedback forms so that we can monitor the quality of the venue, the content and the presenter. We ask clients to give us feedback (automatically through our billing system) after each piece of work is delivered. We take all feedback seriously and use it to improve our services going forward. If we fall short of doing great work, you can submit a complaint.