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Do you want to practice law differently? Do you want to make a difference? Do you identify with what we believe? Does our code resonate with you? We like to recruit attorneys who are:

  • flexible and clear thinkers,
  • practical solution finders,
  • lovers of technology and law,
  • creative communicators, and
  • independent workers.

If yes, we’d love to hear from you.

Because we practice ‘new law’ as opposed to ‘big law’ you will find that we work differently. We work to find practical legal solutions for our clients. We work in teams and encourage innovation and sharing. We encourage our people to work on the things they’re passionate about, and to find new and better ways of doing things, and thinking. We also believe that all lawyers should be happy, healthy and ethical – this is achieved through maintaining a good work-life balance and working on things that have meaning. Lawyers must have achievable targets. The human body is a finite resource and must be looked after. We encourage our attorneys to stay active, use standing desks, take time off when they feel sick and have fun. Surfing to revive body and soul, in particular, is actively encouraged.

If this resonates with you, please send us your CV and covering letter telling us why and how you think you will benefit Michalsons.

Current positions

We are looking to recruit attorneys or lawyers

We are always interested to recruit attorneys who do great work and who are passionate about the same things as we are. Please email us with your CV and a covering letter explaining the benefits you’ll bring to the Michalsons team.There are many benefits to wrking at Michalsons.

  • Get amazing experience by being exposed to cutting edge work.
  • Build your credibility and personal brand by being under the umbrella of the Michalsons brand.
  • Take time off without losing your clients by having other professionals tocover for you.
  • Reduce your admin (like billing and collecting fees) by being supported by a team.
  • Earn more by sharing your expenses with other attorneys.
  • Have a steady stream of work by having a marketing team to secure a future pipeline of work.
  • Reduce your risk by have access to a trust account and be covered by professioanl indemnity insurance.
  • Be more productive by having access to the latest legal technology.

We are eager to recruit qualified attorneys who have commercial, data protection and IT law experience. Please email us with your CV and a covering letter explaining the benefits you’ll bring to the Michalsons team and why you’re eager to practice law differently. We like to recruit attorneys who believe in making the law accessible, empowering and helpful.

Candidate attorneys and trainee lawyers

We’re looking for fantastic candidate attorneys. We do not treat trainee lawyers as cheap resources to be abused. We strive to empower trainee lawyers with the knowledge and skills they require to be great lawyers. We only expect them to work reasonable hours and we expose them to situations (like client and counsel consultations) in which they can learn. We support them by providing mentorship, templates and access to the know how we have developed over many years. We encourage them to attend training sessions and work through our programmes. We aim to build long-term relationships with candidate attorneys and we hope they stay with the firm after being admitted.

“Nobody owes us anything in the world – we must work hard”  Justice Dikgang Moseneke

Please email us with your CV and a covering letter explaining the benefits you’ll bring to the Michalsons team. But before you do, please read this article about candidate attorney applications.

Support team

We’re also looking for a dynamic Digital Marketing, Communication, Client Liaison Officer to join our support team. Please email us with your CV and a covering letter explaining the benefits you’ll bring to the Michalsons Team.