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We always strive to provide great legal services. Our code (and the Legal Practice Council code of conduct for all legal practitioners) help us do that.

Be effective

Resolve legal problems and disputes. Add value to clients and help them grow


Don’t assume anything. Ask clients what they really need. Then listen carefully to their answers.


Know and understand developments in our areas of the law. Stay current. Keep learning.

Be practical

Law exists in the real world, not books. Explain and use examples. Apply the law to the facts.

Write well

Write in plain language. Use words to communicate and persuade. Always keep readers in mind.


Simplify complex issues. Shorten documents. It’s easy to ramble – say it simply.

Be creative

Think creatively – the most important skill of all. Have independent views.

Be honest

Integrity is not negotiable. Be reliable. Build trust. Do the right thing.

Be holistic

Consider all the laws, rules, codes and cases. Focus on detail, but keep the big picture in mind.

Be brave

Be bold and gain experience. Focus on the law affecting the stuff we love. Be the expert.