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South Africa needs the Commission to find it adequate

South Africa needs the European Commission to find or decide that South Africa provides an adequate level of protection of personal data. They have so far recognised Andorra, Argentina, Canada (commercial organisations), Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, [...]

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POPI Commencement Date or POPI Effective Date starts the Clock

Many people want to know what the POPI commencement date (or POPI effective date) will be. It is important because the grace period of one year starts running from the commencement date - the clock starts ticking. You must comply with POPI [...]

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GDPR certified: How to obtain GDPR certification

For many, being GDPR certified or obtaining GDPR certification is the holy grail. It provides proof that you comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws. This is especially true for processors that process personal data for controllers. [...]

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POPI Regulations 2018 published in final form

The Information Regulator in South Africa published the final POPI regulations on 14 December 2018 (or POPIA regulations or POPI Act Regulations as some people call them). The regulations say that "These Regulations shall be called the Regulations relating [...]

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Selecting contract management software for your organisation

Contract management software has many benefits for organisations. There are many good reasons why every organisation should be considering using contract management software. However, contract management software is not suitable for all types of contracts. And there is also no [...]

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Alert | Cybercrimes Bill 2018 Update

The latest draft of the Cybercrimes Bill is better but still concerning for a few reasons. The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development tabled a new version of the Cybercrimes Bill in the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services on [...]

How to approach social media policies successfully

Are you looking for a Social Media Policy? Are Social Media Policies worth it? Wikipedia defines social media as “media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to [...]

POPI Act summary in plain language | Find answers

Are you looking for a POPI Act summary to help you on your process to POPI compliance? It is a complex law that is difficult to summarise. It has a broad impact on many entities and industries. The impact is also [...]

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Who is liable for damages suffered by data subjects?

When a data subject's right to privacy is infringed or someone fails to protect their personal data, and they suffer damages as a result. Who is liable for those damages? Who should the data subject be taking legal action against? Is [...]

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GDPR compliance deadline – what we’ve learned

They say hindsight is 20/20. And usually it's not helpful to hear that. But for once we can really apply what we've learnt. By helping organisations meet the GDPR compliance deadline, we've identified the key stumbling blocks to avoid as [...]

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