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Benefits of Focus Areas

Michalsons provides practical legal solutions to clients throughout the world. We have a global view because many of our clients operate in multiple jurisdictions. As much as we have breadth, we also have depth of knowledge in specific focus areas, which means that our clients know that they are getting specialist insight.

By selecting our focus areas we are able to immerse ourselves in our subject matter and ensure that we are up to date and aware of the developments and key issues facing organisations. We share our insights through regular newsletters, and through writing articles that ensure our clients experience the law as being accessible, empowering and helpful. By connecting with our clients regularly we know that many have similar questions and challenges. This means that based on our experience we are able to provide practical legal solutions to their questions.

Benefit from our specialist attorneys’ knowledge, insight and experience in specific areas of law.

data protection

Privacy and data protection is an important global issue. It is one of the cornerstones of democracy. It protects individual freedoms and enables the free flow of personal data. We are expert professional legal advisers who can help you to comply with the Data Protection and Privacy Laws. More

Access to Information (ATI) or freedom of information (FOI)Access to information (ATI) held by bodies is one of the most important information rights in the information society. Everyone has experienced the feelings of rejection, isolation, and frustration that arise when they did not know something that others did know. More

Cybercrime Law or Cyber Crime Law
Cybercrime law includes laws related to computer crime, internet crime, information crimes, communications crimes and technology crimes. While the internet and the digital economy represent a significant opportunity, it is also an enabler for criminal activity. More

WeInformation Technology Law advise our clients on a wide range of technology law issues and have drafted some of the laws and best practices that underpin those issues. Information technology law has become a specialist area with many laws that specifically relate to IT or ICT. More

IT contracts are one of the most common kinds of legal documents in the world today. Whether they are provided over the internet or not, most goods and services today have at least some connection to the digital world. More

IT Governance, Risk and ComplianceIT governance, risk and compliance is a very broad topic that has many aspects to it. We provide various services that relate to IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) that will help you. More

internet lawThe attorneys at Michalsons have widely been acknowledged as thought leaders in“Internet” or “Cyber” lawyers this field for over 10 years. Internet law is a strange concept. For any law to work, it needs to apply to a specific area. More

email law, Email Databases for SaleEmail law is very important. Email has been and still is a very important communication tool. Some people use social media, collaboration tools and instant messaging to communicate, but there are still many who use email, especially for business. More

intellectual property protectionIn the knowledge economy, your biggest asset can be intellectual property. Intellectual property protection, copyright protection or digital rights management is vital for most organisations. More

Company LawWe provide various services that relate to companies and CCs, the Companies Act and Companies Regulations, and CIPC. You’ll understand the potential opportunities and pitfalls of these Acts and regulations, so you’re protected and your experience is positive. More

Electronic signatures are dependent on the law (or the legal framework) of the country they are used in. We provide various different services that relate to them and can help both users and providers of the technology. More…

plain language lawDo your customers understand your documents? Simple language in many contracts and legal documents has become a consumer right and a competitive advantage. Poor legal drafting has become a liability. Plain language law is a growing movement, which brings enormous benefits. More

advertising lawComplying with advertising law and marketing law is important because otherwise you can get yourself into some serious trouble. More…

digital entertainmentDigital Entertainment, Game, interactive entertainment, video game, or computer game law is an emerging field of law. Digital Entertainment lawyers need to know and love games, understand technology and have solid knowledge and experience of the law and its impact. More

social media lawSocial media law is developing fast. There is now a body of law that applies to social media. Social Media has established itself as a valuable tool for promoting and building an organisation’s brand online. Just as social media can be a boon for your business, it can also be its bane.More…

robot lawMichalsons are fast becoming experts in this new field of Law. John Giles has recently returned from a global conference in Paris, France exploring the implications of Robots in law with an international network of legal technology law peers. More…

Labour and Employment LawDo you need assistance with labour law? We provide a few specific services related to employees, human resources (HR) or labour relations. In Graham Giles we have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable labour lawyers who focusses on Employment and Industrial Relations. He can help you by applying his experience and knowledge to your specific circumstances. More…

electronic communications regulation and the electronic communications actOur electronic communications law practice focuses on both regulatory and commercial legal issues that impact on telecoms. It includes Telecommunications Law. Our team has deep skills in commercial and licensing issues and we offer world class credentials in the electronic communications. More…

Anti bribery and corruption compliance, otherwise known as ABC complianceAnti bribery and corruption compliance  (ABC compliance) is important. Risks of non-compliance are significant. And bribery and corruption disempowers people and destroys economic growth and opportunity. More