We often get asked:

  • Whether an electronic signature is legal?
  • Whether a particular type of technology used to create an electronic signature is legal?
  • Whether you have to use a particular type of electronic signature technology in order for the electronic signature to be legal?
  • Whether the ticking of a checkbox or entering of a password is an electronic signature?
  • Whether a voice recording can constitute an electronic signature?
  • Whether any laws specify how electronic signatures must be applied?

How can we help you?

Our services will help you to understand:

  1. What a signature is
  2. The legal concept of a signature
  3. The different types of signatures
  4. What constitutes an electronic signature
  5. The different  electronic signature technologies
  6. Whether electronic signatures are legal
  7. The validity of electronic signatures produced by signature pads
  8. Whether a particular electronic signature technology will be recognised by a Court
  9. The difference between an “ordinary” electronic signature and an advanced electronic signature
  10. The difference between digital signatures, digital certificates, and advanced electronic signatures as electronic signatures that use cryptography to make themselves reliable
  11. The advantages of “advanced” electronic signatures

Actions you can take regards electronic signature law

  • Get a crash course in electronic signatures by getting the Michalsons Electronic Signature Handbook.
  • Increase your knowledge on electronic signature law by attending a workshop on practically using electronic signatures and the law.
  • Obtain legal certainty by getting a legal opinion on electronic signatures from us. Determine whether you need an “ordinary” electronic signature and an “advanced” electronic signature by getting an opinion from us.
  • Educate your customers about electronic signatures or sell your electronic signature solutions to customers by getting an Electronic Signature PDF Guide.
  • Know which electronic signature technology to use.
  • Get legal certainty by getting an Electronic Signatures Assessment Tool, which provides you with a guide to electronic signatures and helps you to decide what type of electronic signature is the right signature to use for the signing of a specific document, by an individual or a group of people.
  • Get the right wording to be used on websites where people will be “signing” by asking us.

Our clients

Our clients include electronic signature technology providers and electronic signature users.


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