Electronic Signature Handbook to Empower Yourself

///Electronic Signature Handbook to Empower Yourself
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Everything you need to know about electronic signatures in one place. Empower yourself with an electronic signature handbook. Electronic signatures could help revolutionise how you do business. But, many people are unsure of how to use them. In this handbook, you will get a crash course in electronic signatures. This electronic signature handbook answers key questions, including:

  • What is an electronic signature?
  • What is an advanced electronic signature?
  • How to they work?
  • When can I use one?

This electronic signature handbook is written in plain, easy to understand language. It has simple tables and diagrams to guide you through the electronic signature process. There are also scenarios that you can work through to ensure you are confident about when to use an electronic signature.

We are fortunate to be living in the technological revolution. Advancements in technology mean that the way we do business is changing all the time. Be part of one of the many benefits of the technological revolution and switch to using electronic signatures.

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This essential handbook is the first step in using electronic signatures. We will refund you, if you do not think you received value.


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Why should I use electronic signatures?

Because electronic signatures are:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

Workshop on Electronic Signatures

The handbook is designed to work with our associated workshop called Practically using electronic signatures and the law. If you attend the workshop, you get the handbook for free as a handout. If you have previously purchased the handbook, please contact us for a discount (equal to the price of the handbook) on the workshop.

Other solutions related to the Electronic Signature Handbook

We also offer other solutions related to electronic signature law, including:

  • our Electronic Signature PDF Guide – a more comprehensive legal document halfway between the handbook and a legal opinion, designed to sell your electronic signature solution to someone or to convince someone that electronic signatures are suitable for your transactions; and
  • a legal opinion on electronic signatures – our most comprehensive legal document used when you need a detailed legal description of how you can use electronic signatures legally in specific circumstances, and
  • more.