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Electronic signatures have been legal in most countries for more than a decade now. But, many people and organisations are still reluctant to use them. This is often simply because they don’t understand them. What is an electronic signature? Why should you trust an electronic signature instead of a handwritten one? Will the transaction you conclude with an electronic signature be valid?

This lack of understanding is unfortunate, because electronic signatures have huge advantages over handwritten signatures – including:

  • being faster
  • being more secure
  • letting you keep transactions electronic
  • being environmentally friendly

This uncertainty is a major problem for your business if you use electronic signatures or provide other businesses with electronic signature solutions.

If you already have a good idea about practically using electronic signatures and the law, the next step is to help the people and organisations that you do business understand as well. This will let you do business with them more effectively.

We offer a guide to electronic signatures that you can use to:

  • Educate your customers or contractors about electronic signatures
  • Instil confidence in your transactions concluded with electronic signatures
  • Sell your electronic signature solutions to customers that are unsure about them

What form does the Electronic Signature Guide take?

We offer this guide in the form of:

  • a written booklet
  • a written PDF
  • an infographic
  • an explainer video
  • a presentation

This is a bespoke product where we consult with you, tailor a guide for your purposes, and customise it with your branding.

You can distribute it in any of these forms to your customers, contractors, or sales leads on your website, in your promotional material, or in person.

What does it cover?

We customise the guide for you or your organisation based on your specific industry and the transactions you are using electronic signatures for, but it generally includes:

  • A description of your electronic signatures and how you use them
  • An explanation of the law relating to those electronic signatures
  • Why the way you use electronic signatures is legally acceptable in terms of the law
  • How your electronic signatures are reliable and carry evidential weight
  • How you authenticate the identity of the person signing
  • Why your choice of electronic signature is appropriate for its purpose

Who should get it and why?

  • Service providers and vendors – who want their customers or contractors to sign electronically
  • Electronic signature solution providers – who want to sell their electronic signature solutions to service providers or vendors
  • Electronic signature users – who want to persuade others to accept their electronic signatures


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.

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