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The Lexing Network is an international network of lawyers dedicated to digital and technology law. The Lexing Network is made up of truly exceptional lawyers who specialise in technology and data protection law in many countries around the world. Our commitment to help our clients deliver their strategies has seen us build a truly global strategy.

Global team. World class results.

Lexing Network Annual Conference

The Lexing Network arranges a conference once a year to discuss topical issues. The next conference will be on the GDPR Conference 2017 in Milan, Italy on 15 June 2017.

  • Get an overview of this complex law from a global perspective and know what practical action to take.
  • Get up-to-speed quickly. Understand the effect of the GDPR on your organisation.
  • Save time and fast track your compliance efforts whilst still applying good management principles.
  • Identify your main areas of concern.
  • Find out how to comply and implement the GDPR in your organisation.

The Benefits of the Lexing Network

Multinationals benefit from the assistance of seasoned lawyers worldwide with established competence in the field of new technologies in their respective countries. We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

Techniques and businesses are the same in all countries. The only differentiating factor is the law applicable to them. Based on this observation, we have decided to set up a global network to bring together lawyers who each combine unique expertise in technology and industry with a thorough knowledge of law.

Leveraging the network, members are adept at providing clients with a global, tailor-made solutions consistent with the legal rules of all countries. We service the needs of international clients or those with international needs. The lexing network offers international clients of each member the same high-quality services as they are used to have locally.

For more information see the network’s website, and you can follow the network on twitter or on LinkedIn.

How the Lexing Network helps Organisations around the world

The network is very valuable for organisations in many different countries because many of them are grappling with how to comply with their local law (like the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). They are able to draw on the valuable resources and experience of the international lawyers who are part of the network. Privacy is an issue that is not specific to one country – it is a global issue and therefore often requires a team of global lawyers to address it. For multi-national companies, we can provide global practical legal solutions. Many countries have had data protection laws for decades and have learnt many hard lessons. We can learn from them to avoid known issues and leapfrog our compliance efforts.

Members of the Lexing Network

Here is a list of all lexing network members, with links, where available, to their websites:


North America

Central & South America

Asia & Pacific