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John Giles is the managing attorney at Michalsons. You can read his articles below or find out more about him.

Common and Different POPI Compliance Requirements

Once we have a commencement date for POPI (probably 24 May 2017), all organisations will be on the same timeline with the same deadline (probably 24 May 2018). They’ll all be on the same journey of meeting the compliance requirements [...]

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King IV Code and IT Governance

The King IV Code™ once again deals with information and technology governance (or IT Governance) in detail. For the first time, IT Governance was specifically dealt with in King III™ with a whole chapter on the topic. In the King IV Code™, [...]

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Top Tips for Information Technology Contracts

I've been drafting information technology contracts and SLAs for 17 years. I've acted for vendors (including some of the major multi-nationals) and for customers sourcing IT. We've been working on a set of templates for many years and we've used [...]

By | September 29th, 2016|Categories: IT Contracts|

Map Activities, not Information

You should map activities instead of data flows as a first step to complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). Many of our clients are struggling with a similar issue when it comes to complying with POPI. An obvious place to start [...]

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What is Personal Information defined as?

Personal information is essentially any information that identifies a person. But the position is a bit more complicated than that because different laws in South Africa define it to mean different things. In other words, personal information means different things [...]

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Sign Documents Quickly by doing it Electronically

To sign documents is often a time-consuming and frustrating business. It can take weeks to get a signature from each party on a document. This is often how it plays out: one party prints two copies of a document, signs both [...]

Company Name – What are the Legal Criteria?

Your company name is an important and valuable part of your business. You might want it to reflect what the company does, or the attitudes and ideals that you want your company to embody. But South African law has specific things to say [...]

By | July 28th, 2016|Categories: Company Law|

Close Corporation or CC – What Is It?

A close corporation (or CC) is a type of South African legal entity which was usually chosen for smaller businesses. Under the new Companies Act of 2008, close corporations can no longer be registered and they will be phased out over [...]

By | July 28th, 2016|Categories: Company Law|

What are the Types of Companies?

If you want to set up a company, knowing the different types of companies is important. Different company types have different benefits, responsibilities, and functions. In South Africa, there are five different types of companies: private companies, personal liability companies, [...]

By | July 28th, 2016|Categories: Company Law|

Why the Microsoft Ireland Case is Important?

The Microsoft Ireland case considered whether the US government could compel Microsoft to give it access to Hotmail emails it holds on its server in Ireland. Could a US Government search warrant compel Microsoft to retrieve emails it holds on [...]

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