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John Giles
John GilesManaging Attorney

An overview

John Giles has years of practical experience applying his knowledge to organisations to help them grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties, or disputes. He always tries to add value to his clients. He embraces and uses technology to provide the best possible services to his clients.

Admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa: August 2001

Stellenbosch University: Bachelor of arts and Law degree (LLB), 1992 – 1996

Microsoft Corporation Incorporated: Systems Engineer, 1998 – 1999

  • Privacy, data protection and the protection of personal information (POPI).
  • Cybersecurity and cybercrime.
  • The law relating to information, communication and technology (ICT).
  • The legal aspects of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC).
  • The memorandum of incorporation and shareholders agreements.
  • Plain and understandable legal language.
  • The law relating to marketing.
  • For many years Who’s Who Legal has recognised John Giles as being among the world’s leading information technology, and privacy and data protection lawyers. Best Lawyers have also recognised John Giles as one of the best information technology lawyers. This is especially meaningful as the research is peer-reviewed.
  • Member of the King III IT Governance Sub-Committee.
  • Admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa.
  • Member of the Cape Law Society.
  • John Giles was a founder member of the IT Lawyers Forum of South Africa.

John is interested in and loves playing with new technologies. He spends his weekend’s surfing, walking his dog and connecting with his family and friends.

2008 – Present: John Giles is the managing attorney at Michalsons

John’s specialities include: Critical thinking to reach clarity. Making complexity, simple. Documents, discussions, processes, and laws are often very complicated – they don’t have to be. Helping people understand the implications of laws. Analyzing a situation to work out a practical course of action. Syncing body, mind and soul while surfing.

As the managing attorney, John Giles performs an oversight role to ensure that we provide great legal services and mentors some of the attorneys at Michalsons. He sets the direction for the firm and manages the business of the firm. He is also responsible for project management and the technology the firm uses to provide legal services. He enjoys solving big problems that add value to many organisations.

John is currently spending most of his time helping large organisations comply with complex global data protection laws (like the GDPR, PECR and POPIA) in a practical way. John has provided or is overseeing various other practical legal solutions, including:

  • Assisting organisations to comply with their obligations to provide access to (or freedom of) information and to comply with their cybersecurity responsibilities under law.
  • Running workshops and webinars, and presenting to thousands of people at hundreds of events.
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements, policies, checklists, templates, guides, reports, action plans, lists, registers, frameworks, letters, briefings, and opinions.
  • Running many large projects on data protection compliance, GRC, information security, and records management.
  • Helping organisations to address the legal aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) in a practical way to real issues.
  • Advising on the law regards marketing (including internet marketing) and advertising, including competitions and sponsorships. Working with direct marketers.
  • Running projects to convert hundreds of legal documents to plain language.
  • Advising on the practical use of electronic signatures and the law regards electronic and automatic processes.
  • Advising on the law regards to email.
  • Providing legal services regards digital or new media.
  • Advising on source code escrow arrangements.
  • Drafting MOIs and Shareholder Agreements.
  • Dealing with issues relating to intellectual property, especially copyright and confidentiality issues. Conducting various IP audits.
  • Finding solutions for technology start-ups.
  • Resolving domain name disputes, including transfers and disputes.

2000 – 2006: John Giles was a partner at Harty Rushmere Attorneys

John provided a broad spectrum of commercial and IT legal services relating to:

  • High value, complex end-to-end commercial technology transactions, including transactions involving software and services, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, outsourcing, on-demand hosted solutions, and Software as a Service (SaaS). He advised large multi-national technology vendors (so is aware of international best practice) as well as small start-ups. He has also helped companies that procure technology and technology users.
  • Marketing (including internet marketing) and advertising, including competitions and sponsorships.
    Supplier, channel, and collaboration and teaming agreements.
  • The legal aspects of tenders.
  • Commercial deals of all types, including black economic empowerment deals.
  • Commercial transactions, such as sale and shareholder agreements.
  • Gaming, both traditional and online.
  • Electronic and mobile commerce, and the Internet, including web site terms.