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Find the data protection laws, Acts and regulations in the various different countries around the globe. Almost every country has one and those that don’t are enacting them fast. The new data protection laws of 2018 are highlighted in the list so that you can find them quickly. It is important to know what data protection laws apply in different countries. We list the most important jurisdictions and provide a link to the data protection law in that jurisdiction.

We have not done an extensive report on the differences between all of these laws because we believe that the common 80% is much more important than the 20% differences. Our data protection programmes are based on the common overlap amongst these laws.

List of Data Protection Laws, Acts or Regulations around the Globe

European Union

The United Kingdom



Australia and New Zealand


Middle East

Other places to find a Data Protection Law, Act or Regulation

You can also download a Global Table of Data Privacy Laws and Bills and DLA Piper has a world map. You can also find a list of data protection authorities, commissioners or regulators.