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Why Privacy and Data Protection

Data is now so valuable that it’s considered the ‘new oil’. Meaning that the laws governing privacy and data protection are not only relevant but crucial to protecting clients and ultimately your organisation’s success. 

How we can help you

At Michalsons we know that privacy and data protection are difficult to get right on your own. And we know the risks of getting it wrong are significant, like being fined 5% of your organisations annual global turnover. Which is why as expert legal advisers we are here to help you comply with global data protection laws – especially the GDPR and the POPI Act. 

As a team of practical privacy and data protection lawyers, we have years of experience, the skills, and the tools to help you comply with data protection laws. Part of our process is tailoring our services to your needs, for example, we can assist you with the entire data protection compliance process or we can assist you with only a part of the process.  

Want to learn more about our Data Protection Experience? Take the assessment now. 

The Benefits 

Some of the benefits of complying to data protection laws are that your organisation: protects people from harm, reduces the risks of damage to the brand and ensures customers trust. To learn more about the benefits…

We have two options for you to choose from. Our options complement one another so you’re welcome to switch options during your compliance journey. For example, you may choose to comply yourself (option 1) but prefer that we carry out certain action items for you (option 2). 

Find out more by clicking on each option. 

Option 1 suits organisations who plan on taking their own steps towards compliance but with our guidance. The way to achieve this is by joining one of our Data Protection Programmes. 

Our self-paced, step-by-step programmes are expertly designed to help you process your organisation’s personal data in a practical and effective way. The goal is to empower you with our tried and tested legal knowledge so you and your organisation move towards compliance. 

Option 1 is suitable for organisations who are impacted by data protection law at a medium to high level. That’s organisations who either process a lot of customer and employee information or organisations whose primary activity is processing personal data. In addition, it’s best that organisations that choose option 1 have an in-house legal or compliance team. The benefit of Option 1 is that it’s the more cost-effective of the two options.

Option 2 suits organisations who want to outsource certain actions to us so we can provide specific bespoke data protection solutions. This option best suits organisations that have limited time and resources or specific needs.   

The starting point for option 2 is to take a gap analysis. If you’re interested, read more about what we can do for you and we can quote you a fixed price or agree on a retainer.

The benefit of option 2 is that it can complement option 1 and vice versa. 

This is the most expensive option because we take action specifically for your organisation. 

Are unsure which option best suits you? If so, click here to take our complimentary high-level data protection impact assessment.