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  • Advertising Law and Marketing Law, The Early Days of Digital Media and Marketing

Complying with advertising law and marketing law is important because otherwise, you can get yourself into some serious trouble. Advertising and marketing are just as important as they have always been to the success of organisations. Especially digital marketing, electronic marketing, online marketing, social marketing or mobile marketing, whatever you want to call it. In the digital context, you need to be especially careful to stay clear of legal problems, difficulties or disputes. The models may have changed to content marketing, relationship marketing, in bound marketing or lifecycle marketing, but the principles remain the same.

The law has adapted to deal with digital marketing and the legal changes impact on all forms of marketing and advertising. We focus on digital advertising and marketing law. We have a keen interest in digital marketing and advertising, and have been using it to market Michalsons for many years.

How we can help you regards marketing law

Advertising Law around the World

These laws have a big impact on all forms of marketing and advertising, including digital, online, social and mobile.

  • Consumer protection laws obviously have a big impact. For example, the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) has commenced and it has a huge impact – the playing field has changed.
  • Data protection laws are also very relevant, especially to electronic marketing. For example, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) is also going to have a huge impact, especially on direct electronic marketing.
  • Countries often have advertising standards authorities, like the ASA.
  • There are associations who have codes of conduct.


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