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Do you need practical legal guidance or advice on a specific issue you face? Or are you looking for some legal information on a topic? We can guide you, advise you and point you towards legal information.

Access Practical Legal Guidance

You can access our practical, fresh, original and helpful guidance:

Get up-to-the-minute legal guidance on legal issues affecting your business

Some of it is free, but most of it will cost you a fee. We put a lot of time into making our guidance as useful as possible. We take legal information and apply our knowledge, skill and expertise to a generic legal issue, thereby adding enormous value. Our guidance takes the form of:

  • legal alerts (alerting you to things you need to know),
  • podcasts (listen to audio files of interviews, presentations, or just explanations.),
  • self-assessments (to test your strengths, know your weaknesses), and
  • updates (updates on the legal, regulatory and policy developments in the ICT industry).

Our legal guidance differs to normal legal advice in that:

  1. you do not consult with your attorney face-to-face,
  2. we do not charge on an hourly basis, and
  3. it addresses the types of issues you sometimes would consult your attorney on, but the answers you receive are not tailored to your organisation (which is why it’s not strictly speaking “advice”, but “guidance”).

Many of our clients want to find legal guidance fast (on-demand and when they need it) and for a cost-effective fee. It no longer needs to be accessed exclusively by traditional face-to-face consultation with an attorney.

Get Legal Advice

Legal advice applies where the same legal information, skill and expertise is applied, but the difference is that it is applied to a client’s specific legal issue and translates into bespoke assistance. Contact us if you need bespoke legal advice.

Find Legal Information

This is any information on a legal issue that is made available – often for free on the Internet. For example, WorldLII (all collections of legal material collected by the Legal Information Institute which is then published free online).