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About our Workshops

Michalsons strives to make the law accessible, empowering and helpful by hosting both private and public in-house legal training workshops. Our in-person workshops are designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of the topic while sharing practical insights into organisational impact.

We offer practical legal training in three formats:

Public Workshops

Public workshops can be attended by everyone. The number of delegates admitted is limited so bookings are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Private Workshops

Private in-house workshops are tailored to your needs, can be held on your premises, and on a day that suits you. These workshops can accommodate an unlimited number of delegates, provided your training venue has enough seating.

Executive Briefings

Executive briefings are accurate, high-level views on a topic. These briefings can are held in-house.

We’ve had rave reviews from our attendees and hope to add your recommendation to the ones below.

Just perfect!
Journalist, Large media group
Concise, informative and well-presented.
Editor, National publication
The facilitator was engaging, knowledgeable and informed. Thank you.
Marketing manager, Media broadcaster
Attending the seminar really helped me to identify the start to complying with POPI. Thanks for a really helpful session, much appreciated!
Entrepenuer, Online business
It was interesting to hear from other attendees at the workshop,
Actuarial assitant, Financial advisory firm
It was very useful to have POPI explained in simple terms.
HR professional, Leading alcohol distributor
We will be implementing POPI compliance projects straight away – the workshop was perfect!
Information and records manager, Multi-national pharmaceutical company
“I thought the seminar was very interesting and the information was presented very well by John Giles.”
CEO, Technology based services
“The presentation and training content was extremely helpful. Assisted in laying a good foundation for POPI implementation”

Legal and Compliance Officer, Major Insurance Company

Learn More About Our Workshops

Data protection training

Data protection is a complex subject which is why we offer two solutions: option 1 is you comply with our guidance; option 2 is we comply for you. Knowing which option best suits your organisation is important because we want you to gain maximum value out of your investment with us.

Finding out which option suits your organisation is easy. All you have to do is take our four-minute complementary questionnaire. Our questionnaire will asses the potential impact of current laws on your organisation while factoring in your resources and budget. Take the questionnaire today. 

The Data Protection Workshop will raise your awareness, teach you the impact of data protection on your organisation, and show you how to comply and implement data protection in your organisation.

Our next public data protection compliance workshops are:


  • One delegate costs R4,750 ex VAT.
  • Two or more delegates qualify for a 10% discount.

The number of delegates admitted is limited so bookings are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Lunch and refreshments will be served. 

If you’d like to attend this public workshop but the dates or location don’t suit you, send us an email and we’ll get back to you about workshops in your area.

We also run data protection training tailored to specific audiences:

The GDPR Workshop will raise your awareness about the GDPR, help you to know the impact on your organisation and find out how to comply and implement the GDPR in your organisation.

The POPI Workshop will raise your awareness about the protection of personal information, help you to know the impact on your organisation and find out how to comply and implement the POPI Act in your organisation.

We also run POPI training tailored to specific audiences:

Our Data Protection and Information Security Workshops focus specifically on the legal obligations on organisations to secure the integrity and confidentiality of the information they process.

Information, Communication, and Technology Law Training

Empower yourself with knowledge on IT governance, risk and compliance by attending our practical IT GRC workshop.

Empower yourself with a methodology and get tools to help you transition from King III to King IV simply and effectively by attending our Transition from King III to King IV Workshop.

Access to information law affects all organisations, especially in South Africa because both public and private bodies must give access to information if requested. Our Access to Information Law Workshop is designed for people who receive requests (information or data protection officers) and who request access. In other words, information holders and requesters.

Our half day Cybercrime Law Workshop will provide insight into how the Cybercrimes Bill may affect you and your organisation.

Is it your responsibility to draft, negotiate, sign and manage the commercial IT contracts for your organisation (whether IT vendor or user of IT)? Our IT Contracts Workshop will help you practically and effectively draft, negotiate, sign and manage IT Contracts.

Electronic signatures can speed up paper-based processes by making them completely electronic. The potential time and cost savings are huge. We provide detailed training on the legalities around using electronic signatures.

We all use social media every day, but are we aware of the risks and the legals that apply to our online activities. Our workshops are designed to be highly interactive with the audience, with QR codes embedded into the presentation to allow students to have access to source material during the presentation. One of our workshops is called Online Awareness for Learners.

Our Other Focus Area Legal Training

The Drone Law Webinar will help get you up-to-speed with knowing how to fly your drone in accordance with the law and, understanding the requirements for flying your drone.

We offer workshops, seminars and executive briefings on why you should use Plain Legal Language as well as practical training on how to use it. Our current focus for intensive workshops is plain language in financial services, insurance, and healthcare related documents.

Legal Language: Plain and Simple

Do your customers understand your documents? Simple language in many contracts and legal documents has become a consumer right and a competitive advantage. Poor legal drafting has become a liability. We run a Legal Language: Plain and Simple workshop to explain why plain legal language is so important, to start you on the journey from legal jargon to clear communications and get you bitten by the plain language bug.

iLEXplain: Plain Legal Language

We take this journey a step further and invite you to attend our public iLEXplain: Plain legal language workshops. You will learn to identify unnecessarily complex language in a legal and business context and learn practical techniques for drafting or editing legal documents in plain language.

Our Managing the Relationship between Shareholders Workshops are designed to provide a general overview of the documents and agreements that regulate the relationship between shareholders. It also provides a forum to discuss the important aspects of the relationship and record them in a good Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and a Shareholders Agreement.

Our Practical Consumer Protection Act Workshop will help you comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and provide you with a good understanding of the practical impact on organisations.

Our Disciplinary Hearings Workshop will provide you with a quick and simple way to listen to what employees have to say in response to alleged misconduct or incapability.

Two or more delegates from the same organisation qualify for a 10% discount to attend our public workshops. We limit delegate numbers, so bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. We aim to give practical insights that you can use to be effective. If you attend a workshop and do not think you received value, we will refund you what you paid for the workshop.

To book for any of our public workshops – please complete our Workshop Registration Form. We’ll then send you an invoice with all of your details. We look forward to hosting you.

If you’re looking for online training, you may also be interested in our series of legal webinars and programmes. These allow you to learn from the comfort of your desk.

Please complete our high-level impact assessment questionnaire. It will take you about 4 minutes and there is no charge to you, and we’ll get back to you with suggestions of a way forward so that you can make an informed choice.