Drone Webinar: Comply with Drone Law

///Drone Webinar: Comply with Drone Law
Drone Webinar: Comply with Drone Law2018-07-16T09:26:49+02:00
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Drones are both fun to fly and very useful. They are being used by many people for various different purposes. But as with anything, there are rules and laws that you must comply with when you fly a drone. You cannot do what you like because you can harm someone else or infringe on their rights. This is why the Civil Aviation Authority released the drone regulations. If you want to fly a drone or be in the drone industry, you have to know what the drone law is and how to comply with it. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

We offer a practical short Drone Webinar that will get you up-to-speed fast. It is not a lecture on the law, but rather practical guidelines on what you must do.


  • Know how to fly your drone in accordance with the law.
  • Know when you need to get a licence.
  • Avoid disputes and penalties.

Who should attend?

  • Every drone operator anywhere in the world.
  • Anyone who sells drones.
  • Anyone who is considering purchasing a drone.

When is the next Drone Webinar?

We haven’t yet set a date for our next live webinar. If you’d like to attend a webinar on this topic, send us an email asking us to set another date.  All you need is a good internet connection.

What do we cover?

  • Quick breakdown of the drone regulations (private vs commercial operators)
  • What are the requirements for flying a drone?
  • What licences do I need to operate a drone?
  • What happens if I have an accident or incident with my drone?
  • What happens if I do not comply with the regulations?