Practical IT GRC Workshop including King IV

///Practical IT GRC Workshop including King IV
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Most organisations depend on information technology (IT), but many people are not aware of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC). In particular, the King Report and Code has a significant impact. We can help you to practically apply these concepts to real issues that you face. You have to:

  • practice good IT governance,
  • manage IT legal risks, and
  • comply with the IT laws, rules, codes and standards that apply to your organisation.

We can help you to do it practically and effectively. What must an organisation comply with? What should you consider? What IT legal risks you should address? What laws relate to information, communication and technology (ICT)? What could happen to you if you don’t comply?

We offer a presentation, seminar, workshop, or executive briefing on this topic by an expert with practical experience. We also offer an eCourse on request. If your focus is just on finding a methodology to help you transition from King III to King IV for not only IT and Compliance Governance, but other principles as well, you’ll want to attend our Practical King IV Workshop on IT and Compliance Governance or our 45-minute webinar, the King Code Webinar.

  • Apply the King Report and King Code from an IT perspective by knowing the difference between King III and King IV, and knowing what action to take.
  • Know what IT (and data protection) laws exist and which ones are most applicable to your organisation.
  • Be up-to-date with the latest law and find quick answers to your questions.
  • Identify some practical action items to focus on.
  • Know how you can monitor, evaluate, and assess compliance with external legal and regulatory requirements related to IT.

Our IT GRC including King IV have been well received.

We have not yet set dates for our next public workshops.

If you’d like to attend a public workshop on this topic but we have not yet set dates (or the location or dates don’t suit you), send us an email asking us to set a date in your city. One delegate costs R4,312 ex VAT. Two or more delegates qualify for a 10% discount. We will serve lunch and refreshments. We limit delegate numbers, so bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. We aim to give practical insights that you can use to be effective. We do not give law lectures! We will refund you if you do not think you received value.

We also offer tailored private events that can be held at your premises on a day that suits you.

  • Why IT GRC is important. What is IT or ICT anyway?
  • The relationship between the three sisters – governance, risk and compliance.
  • The Regulatory Road Ahead – a road map of the next few years. The King IV effective date.
  • An update on and overview of the King Report. The differences between and transitioning from King III to King IV.
  • An overview of the IT Governance Practices in King IV and how it differs from King III.
  • Guidance on the disclosures you will have to make for King IV.
  • An overview of IT risk, including IT legal risks like the risk of non-compliance.
  • What must your organisation comply with? The governing bodies responsibility regards legal compliance as set out in King IV and how it differs from King III.
  • An overview of IT laws and data protection laws, rules, codes and standards (both global and South African) – an analogy with a plumbing system, a matrix and dealing with overlaps.
  • The practical application of IT GRC to real issues (like electronic signaturescontractsemail disclaimerscybercrime law, social media, and cloud computing).
  • Who is responsible – getting governance structures right. An assessment of your organisation.
  • The latest developments, including recent South African case law and King IV Code.
  • Tips for successful projects. Some quick wins and factors for success. Using frameworks – like an IT Legal Framework.
  • Take home points and action items

Please email us and ask for the programme if you would like details. This is not an academic workshop for students. It is for people dealing with these issues in their organisations.

We will give you:

  • Our comprehensive presentation covering IT GRC.
  • King III to King IV Comparison Table for IT governance setting out the difference between King III and King IV, and what actions need to be taken.
  • King Planning Tool to help you to outline the areas of governance that you have focused on in the previous financial year (or reporting period), and what you plan to focus on in the next one.
  • King Disclosure Tool for IT Governance.
  • Compliance Action Plan template.
  • A hardcopy of the List of IT Laws.
  • The IT Legal Framework Top 10 Issues and a 10% discount off the full IT Legal Framework.
  • IT Governance officers and specialists – to govern IT
  • Compliance officers – to effectively comply with IT laws
  • Information (protection) officers – to balance access to information and protection of personal information
  • Legal advisors (corporate lawyers or in-house lawyers) – to provide good legal advice on IT issues
  • Information Security Officers – to secure IT
  • CIOs and IT Managers – to manage IT
  • CAEsauditors and assurance providers (internal and external) – to audit and provide assurance regards IT
  • CROs and Risk Managers – to address IT legal risks
  • IT Operators – to ensure that IT operates
  • Directors (executive and non-executive, CEOs and FDs) – to discharge their legal duties and direct the course of the organisation
  • Consultants – to advise and provide solutions on IT related issues
  • We have significant practical experience dealing with these specific areas.
  • Our sessions are interactive – you are able to ask questions, have your specific issues dealt with, and influence the discussion-points.
  • Our sessions are tailored to the attendees – we ask you questions in advance so that we know what your issues are and your existing level of knowledge.
  • We do not give sales pitches, which is unfortunately so often what speakers do at conferences.
  • We provide insight and simplify the issues, which can only be done after practically applying laws to real business issues.
  • We empower you and do not try to entrench ourselves in your organisation.
  • We cover the same ground in one day, rather than two. This saves you time and money. We tell you what you need to know, not everything.

practical attorney from Michalsons. We will ensure the attorney is the best person to present the course depending on the type of course, the date, the specific issues and the attendees. For example, John Giles often presents on this topic. John is a trusted independent legal adviser, who is a practising attorney. He helps many organisations govern IT, address IT legal risks, and comply with IT laws, rules, codes and standards. He has presented on the topic many times. He has over 20 years of practical experience applying his knowledge to organisations to help them grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes. He was one of the people who drafted the IT Governance chapter of King III™.

We provide this IT GRC course in different formats. Public and private sessions can last for anything from 45 minutes, half a day or a full day. We welcome enquiries for more information and details.

Our public events are at various venues around the world. We choose venues that are central and easy to get to, that have adequate parking, good food, and that ensure you are comfortable. We are also happy to give the data protection workshop or executive briefing at your venue.

Note: The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa NPC (IoDSA) owns the copyright to all four of the King reports or codes on governance (including the latest version namely the King IV Report™) and owns various trademarks in relation to King IV (including King IV™, King IV Report™, King IV Report on Corporate Governance™ and King IV Code™). All of the IoDSA’s rights are reserved. All views are our own and we are not associated or endorsed in any way by the IoDSA.