It is interesting that IT governance is dealt with in various parts of the draft of King III™. Please note that King III™ is still in draft form and it is likely that the IT governance aspects of King III™ will change significantly before it is finalised.

It is first mentioned under the heading in the introduction – Emerging governance trends incorporated in the report.

Information technology (IT) risks are discussed on page 69, IT governance (page 17), and IT security (page 90).  It is interesting to note that information security is also dealt with in some detail in the draft of the Protection of Personal Information Bill.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT managers will be interested in the statement in the report that says that “chief information officers must be business oriented and provide a bridge between IT and the business” and that “Larger companies may consider appointing a chief information officer to take responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of IT governance within the company. Smaller companies may not appoint an individual responsible for this role, but should assign the responsibility to executive management reporting directly to the board.

We have drafted a mindmap of the IT Governance aspects of the draft King III™ to help people get to grips with how it is dealt with in the draft.

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