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The JSE Listing Requirements and King III and IV

What do the JSE listing requirements say about the King Code? Is the King Code part of the requirements? Do listed companies have to comply with the King Code principles? Have the JSE listing requirements changed since King III or are [...]

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Get the King III Report and Code

The King III Report for Corporate Governance for South Africa and the Code of Governance Principles (King III or King 3) were released on 1 September 2009. A draft of King III was previously published for comment.  The comments have [...]

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Alternative Dispute Resolution clause

In a previous article we wrote about how the draft King Report recommended that an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause be incorporated in all contracts.  They recommended a clause, which we then converted into plain language.  We were delighted to [...]

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IT Governance introduced into King III

It is interesting that IT governance is dealt with in various parts of King III™. IT Governance in the King III Code Under the heading "New Issues in the Report" on page 14. The governance of information technology is dealt [...]

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Corporate Governance: Index (Part 2)

This is an index of some legal resources related to the broad concept of corporate governance, which includes fairness, accountability, responsibility, transparency, and risk management: [Constitutional Court] Sidumo v Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd (GF 6778) [Navsa AJ et al, 5.10.2007] [...]

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Corporate Governance and IT in South Africa

There are many definitions of corporate governance. Simply put, corporate governance is doing what is right, decent, honest and proper in order to hold a balance between, on the one hand, economic and social goals and, on the other hand [...]

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