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Differences between King III and King IV

King IV is now effective for financial years that start on or after 1 April 2017 and officially replaces King III in its entirety. In response, an important step for you to take is to understand the differences between King [...]

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Good Governance helps the Poor

Good governance is critical in the development of an economy which benefits all sectors of society. In particular, good governance helps the poorest people in society. All organisational governing bodies should practice it if they want to be responsible, productive [...]

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King IV Code and IT Governance

The King IV Code deals with information and technology governance (or IT Governance) in detail. IT Governance was first dealt with specifically in King III™ with a whole chapter and principle on the topic. In the King IV Code™, the scope of [...]

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The Link between Good Governance and Complying with the Law

There is always a link between good governance and compliance with the law. Compliance with the law is part of good governance. However, the laws stand on their own. The King Report confirms that you should comply with the law. However, the [...]

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King 4 is actually King IV on Corporate Governance

King 4 is actually spelt King IV with roman numerals. If you are searching for King 4, you will find it hard to get the latest report and code on corporate governance in South Africa. You’re forgiven. Why are people [...]

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King IV Report Released for Comment

The draft King IV Report on corporate governance was released for public comment on 15 March 2016 by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA). King IV has been released for comment at a crucial time in South Africa’s [...]

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Get the King III Report and Code

The King III Report for Corporate Governance for South Africa and the Code of Governance Principles (King III or King 3) were released on 1 September 2009. A draft of King III was previously published for comment.  The comments have [...]

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King 3 published for Comment

The Draft Report for Corporate Governance for South Africa (King III or King 3) and the Draft Code of Governance Principles were released for comment on 25 February 2009. Comment should be submitted before 25 April 2009. The practice notes [...]

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