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King IV Summary – a Quick Heads up

The final King IV™ was released on the 1 November 2016 and we have drafted a free summary to guide you through it which you can get below. The King Report and Code™ is the essential tool for corporate governance so it is [...]

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Final King IV released at Launch

The Final King IV™ report was released today, 1 November 2016 and you can download it below. This is the most important document on corporate governance in South Africa and it is absolutely essential that all organisations engage with, and [...]

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King IV Code and IT Governance

The King IV Code™ once again deals with information and technology governance (or IT Governance) in detail. For the first time, IT Governance was specifically dealt with in King III™ with a whole chapter on the topic. In the King IV Code™, [...]

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The Link between Good Governance and Complying with the Law

There is always a link between good governance and compliance with the law. Compliance with the law is part of good governance. However, the laws stand on their own. King confirms that you should comply with the law. However, the [...]

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King 4 is actually King IV on Corporate Governance

King 4 is actually spelt King IV™ with roman numerals. If you are searching for King 4, you will find it hard to get the latest report and code on corporate governance in South Africa. You’re forgiven. Why are people using [...]

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King IV Report Released for Comment

The draft King IV Report™ on corporate governance was released for public comment on 15 March 2016 by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA). King IV™ has been released for comment at a crucial time in South Africa’s history. You should download a [...]

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