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Final King IV released at Launch

The Final King IV™ report was released today, 1 November 2016 and you can download it below. This is the most important document on corporate governance in South Africa and it is absolutely essential that all organisations engage with, and [...]

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Which is the best Compliance Approach?

We are often asked which is best compliance approach? Particularly regards IT legal compliance. Also what constitutes legal compliance and non-compliance? King says that the governing body should provide strategic direction on compliance. Few topics in IT have garnered more attention during the last [...]

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PCI DSS Compliance

Interested in PCI DSS compliance? Do you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)? A merchant, service provider or bank that processes any cardholder data, needs to know about PCI DSS and what is means [...]

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How to conduct an IP Audit

This article describes the best method of approaching (or process of conducting) an IP audit or an intangible asset audit. It involves five steps: Engage, gather documents, conduct background research and agree on audit plan (Step 1) Get buy-in from [...]

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The Critical Success Factors for conducting an IP Audit

Conducting a thorough IP audit of all the intangible assets or intellectual property (IP) that an organisation owns is a time-consuming and often costly business. You want to get it right and make sure that maximum value is received by [...]

The Reasons for conducting an Intellectual Property Audit

An intellectual property audit enables organisations to know what intellectual property or IP assets they own. We actually prefer the term intangible assets to the term IP assets. Intangible assets include both legal intangibles (typical IP) and competitive intangibles (such [...]

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Legal Risks posed by Social Media

Lots of IT legal risks are posed by the use of social media. Many of these risks stem from the medium itself and many from the fact that the lines between our professional and personal lives are blurring: we are [...]

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