Which is the best Compliance Approach?

We are often asked which is best compliance approach? Particularly regards IT legal compliance. Also what constitutes legal compliance and non-compliance? King says that the governing body should provide strategic direction on compliance. Few topics in IT have garnered more attention during the last [...]

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How does the CPA affect your relationship with your customers?

We are running a workshop on the impact of the CPA on your customer relationship management. Join us in Johannesburg on 29 November 2012 to find out how we can help you implement an effective CPA strategy for CRM. Do [...]

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CPA and the Health and Safety Industry

As many writers have said before, the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is a far-reaching piece of legislation in that it applies to all transactions where goods and services are provided to consumers.  The health and safety industry will be greatly [...]

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Consumer protection provisions of the ECT Act

Chapter VII of the ECT Act deals with consumer protection and applies only to electronic transactions. The following sections of the ECT Act of of particular relevance regards a consumer's right of cancellation: Scope of application 42. (1) This Chapter [...]