How does the CPA affect your relationship with your customers?

//How does the CPA affect your relationship with your customers?

We are running a workshop on the impact of the CPA on your customer relationship management. Join us in Johannesburg on 29 November 2012 to find out how we can help you implement an effective CPA strategy for CRM.

Do your know how the CPA affects your relationship with your customers?

If you are a provider of goods or services the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) affects everything you do in your business. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential in every business and the CPA affects each area.

What areas of your business are affected by the CPA?

The CPA affects your entire business including:

  • your standard operating procedure;
  • stock management (does “while stocks last” still protect you if you run out of stock?);
  • contracts with your customers and other suppliers;
  • how you differentiate between different types of clients or customers;
  • marketing strategies (including the running of competitions) and materials;
  • loyalty programmes;
  • delivery of goods (what happens if you deliver on a wrong day or deliver the wrong goods?);
  • product labelling;
  • catalogue selling; and
  • many more.

Have you had a look at your business through a “CPA lens”? If not it is time that you do so. As a business owner, manager, director or officer you need to look at how to implement effective strategies to manage the risks associated with non-compliance with the CPA. This is the perfect time to improve the way you run your business and how you manage your relationships with your clients. You also need to make sure that you have the appropriate indemnities in place with your manufacturers or original suppliers to ensure that you are not held accountable if a consumer decides to take action.

Public workshops

We will be running more public workshops on this topic. The next ones take place on 29 November 2012 (8am to 12:30pm) at the Twickenham Building, The Campus Office Park, Bryanston, Johannesburg – To reserve your seat click here


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