Manage the legal relationship with your customers

///Manage the legal relationship with your customers
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Your relationship with your customers is the most important thing. If your relationship with them ends, you don’t have a business. Managing the legal relationship with them is one aspect of the relationship.

We can help you manage your legal relationship with your customers in the following ways:

  1. Provide you with Customer Agreement templates.
  2. Customise them to suit your specific requirements.
  3. Improve your current Customer Agreement templates.
  4. Provide training on your customer agreement templates to your staff who will be working with them.
  5. Assist with the creation of an instance of the templates for any specific customer.
  6. Review any comments or requested amendments that you receive from customers.
  7. Make any necessary amendments or provide wording for additional clauses.
  8. Develop a manual that includes amendments you are willing to make and answers to common changes that customers request.
  9. Negotiate with your customers to sign-up customers fast.


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