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The overall objective with your Customer Agreement is to sign-up customers fast and ensure that they are happy so that they:

  • pay you quickly,
  • want to do additional business with you, and
  • refer you to others – resulting in more revenue and equity.

This is achieved by effectively managing your relationship with your customer and managing your risks at the same time. By using our templates you should be able to sign documents faster and avoid protracted negotiations. Both parties will have a clear understanding of their obligations and therefore expectations will be managed.

Who are they suitable for?

  • ICT Vendors – companies that provide ICT goods or services generally
  • Software Developers – the customers expectation need to be managed
  • Software Licensors – they need to protect their rights to their software
  • Website designers and developers – they want to avoid scope creep and get paid for the work that they do
  • Outsource service providers – Vendors that provide ICT outsourced services
  • Agents and distributors (including resellers and value added resellers) – that provide software, customise and implement it, and then support it
  • Application Service Providers
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Temporary Employment Service Providers (or labour brokers)
  • Consultants

What you get?

You get the following documents that relate to one another and make up your Customer Agreement:

  • Customer Relationship Terms (general terms for the provision of ICT related Goods or Services).  They include a table of contents and a clause index for quick reference.
  • One or more Orders (commercial terms for the provision of ICT goods or services)

The following are included in the templates:

  1. Tags {in curly brackets} – these denote where variables will need to be inserted when an instance of a template is created for a specific customer.
  2. Drafting notes
    [in square brackets] – these notes assist a person when they create an instance of the template for a specific customer.

The templates will be branded with your branding. We will send you a pdf the Customer Relationship Terms to provide to customers so that customers are discouraged from making amendments.  We will also send you an editable version for your use.  We will send you an editable version of the Orders. The templates are drafted in plain language and include the latest alternative dispute resolution clause.  The templates are also cleverly structured and follow a modular approach.

What template Orders are available?

  1. Evaluation and Testing Order (commercial terms for the provision of evaluation and testing of something)
  2. Consulting Services Order (commercial terms for the provision of consulting services)
  3. Software Licence Order (commercial terms for the licensing of Software)
  4. Development Services Order (commercial terms for the development of software or a web site)
  5. Design Services Order (commercial terms for the design of a web site)
  6. Implementation Services Order (commercial terms for the implementation of software, like implementing an ERP system)
  7. Application Services Order (commercial terms for the provision of Application Services)
  8. Cloud Computing Service Order (commercial terms for the provision of Cloud Computing Service, such as IaaS, Paas, or SaaS)
  9. Support and Maintenance Services Order (commercial terms for the support or maintenance of equipment, software or a web site)
  10. Hosting Services Order (commercial terms for the provision of hosting service (like hosting a web site))
  11. Temporary Employment Services Order (commercial terms for providing a temporary employment service or labour service)
  12. Optimisation Services Order – (commercial terms for the optimisation of a system)
  13. Goods Rental Order (commercial terms for the rental of goods)
  14. Goods Supply Order (commercial terms for the supply (sale in other words) of goods)
  15. Customisation Services Order (commercial terms for the customising of software or systems)
  16. Branded Portal Services Agreement (commercial terms for the provision of a branded portal)
  17. Digital Design Services Order (commercial terms for the provision of digital design services)

Types of ICT goods or services

Types of IT goods or services that may be acquired or disposed of include (amongst others):

  • IT infrastructure,
  • applications,
  • peripherals,
  • the rental of goods,
  • the purchase of goods,
  • software,
  • cloud-computing,
  • application service provider (ASP) services,
  • Software as a Service (SaaS),
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS),
  • on-demand computing and hardware,
  • support and maintenance services,
  • consulting services and professional services,
  • hosting services,
  • design and development services,
  • temporary employment services.

Sourcing of ICT goods or services

These templates are suitable for all types of sourcing of ICT goods or services, including:

  • in-sourcing:  The obtaining of goods or services using existing in-house resources or employees.
  • out-sourcing:  The transfer of a business function to an external service provider.
  • co-sourcing:  The collaboration between the company and an external service provider in the delivery of goods or services.
  • shared services:  The provision of support services by an internal business unit which are “shared” across multiple business units or functions.

Decades of Experience

We have spent years developing these templates in practice as attorneys working with thousands of organizations such as yours.  They are tried and tested and have formed the basis of many ICT related transactions over the years.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  We have knowledge relating to and experience in high value, complex end-to-end commercial technology transactions.  We have advised large multi-national technology vendors (so are aware of international best practice) as well as small start-ups.  We have also helped companies that procure technology and technology users.

Easy to manage

The templates are structured so that both your templates and the actual agreements with your customers are easy to manage.   Good document management is important and part of good corporate governance.

How do I get a Customer Agreement?

If you are interested, complete the form on the right or Enquire Now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements.