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Do you need a white label agreement? Some people call it a private label agreement. It covers the situation where a vendor provides good or services (often over the Internet in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS) or a platform) and wants to allow another company (their customer) to rebrand it to appear as if it is their offering.

It is often worth doing because the vendor might have a great offering (like a game or tax service), but the other company has a great customer base who want the goods or services. Because the other company is a trusted brand, their customers are more likely to order the goods or services if it is being provided by a brand they know. The agreement can be structured on the basis of either agency or distribution.

Who is a White Label Agreement suitable for?

Vendors of goods or services, or a company that wants a white label (or private label) version of goods or services to offer to their customers.

What you get?

We can either draft a template (customised for you) that you can use many times, or one specific customised agreement for a specific white labeling. You can read more about our legal documents and the process we follow to draft them.


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