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Do you need help with a legal document? We draft, review, update, vet, advise on and negotiate legal documents. Things like agreements, contracts, templates, guides, terms and conditionsIT policies, codes and legislation. We are especially strong with:

Why we will Deliver

We pride ourselves on drafting beautiful legal documents in line with International current best practice. Things like not using capital letters for defined terms and using the first person (“we” and “you”). We are experts in legal drafting and have studied all the most recent thinking and books written by most of the International experts. We are a member of Clarity International, an organisation that promotes plain legal language.

Michalsons Three-Step Drafting Process

Beautiful Documents Fast

We have developed a unique process that achieves the best results.

  1. Scope – We work out what type of document you need and who will read it. Is it an agreement, a letter, a guide, and opinion? What does it need to communicate to the reader? We will describe what we think you need and give you a quote of our fixed fee to draft it for you.
  2. Gather Information and Draft – We will ask you various questions and gather the necessary information. We draft the required document customised for you.
  3. Feedback – You review it, provide your feedback or approve it. We send you a final version ready for use.

The result is a great legal document that builds relationships and prevents disputes.

Features of our Legal Documents

Our Experience

  • We have drafted, reviewed, localised and negotiated thousands of documents for clients over the years.
  • We have trained lots of people on various legal topics.
  • We monitor and report on all cases involving the interpretation of statutes and contracts. We can provide you with an index of all relevant cases and a summary of them. We have substantial experience in interpretative theory.
  • We have participated in many parliamentary legislative processes.
  • We were one of the drafters of the ECT Act and the IT Governance chapter of King III™ code. We have drafted codes for associations and industry bodies, legislation for City Councils, and the Rules for the former Industrial Court.
  • We have extensive experience with plain language law.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.