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We can help you to convert or translate documents into plain language by editing them. Both:

  1. legal documents (like agreements, terms and conditions, policies and rules), and
  2. other documents (like letters, scripts and notices).

Translating legal documents into plain language

When it comes to the conversion of legal documents, it is important to do so without losing legal effect or weakening your rights. For this reason, legal documents should be edited by a plain legal language editor – a plain language lawyer.

Some documents require a light edit and others a heavy edit. Depending on the type of document (for example, banking, general, insurance, or credit), different regulatory requirements need to be taken into account.

We track all of our edits so that you can quickly see the edits that have been made. We also provide you with the readability statistics of the documents both before and after the conversion, so that you can see what improvements have been made.

“The agreement is nothing short of revolutionary” Andrew Stekhoven, Escrow Europe.

Michalsons Three-Step Plain Process

  1. Planning. We agree the style that you want to use, the structure of the document, whether you want to follow a content lean or content-rich approach, who the target audience is, and what the regulatory requirements are.
  2. Conversion. We then convert the document into plain language.
  3. Finalisation. We discuss any issues that arose during the drafting process, finalise the edits, and prepare the document for use. We do not normally work on the document design or typography, but we can help you with this aspect if necessary.

Want to use plain language?

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We can update a documentglobalise a document or convert documents into plain language, but these are something different.