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Are you looking for an employment contract template for South Africa?

As an employer you want to ensure that you have a positive and fair relationship with your employees.

You also need to be able to respond to changes in the way your organisation operates, as well as to changes in the law.

employment contract template

Legally all employees must receive essential details of their employment.  But employees do not have to sign and agree to them.  We recommend that both parties agree on all the contractual provisions to avoid misunderstandings.

Recent amendments to the Labour Relations Act (LRA), Employment Equity Act (EEA) and Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) require compliance managers and employers to revisit all employment contracts. Discrimination is forbidden but that does not prevent ‘differentiation’ in terms and conditions of employment, including remuneration and benefits.

Employment Contract Template

The main purpose of an employment contract is to:

  • Determine the nature and extent of the employment relationship;
  • Comply with sec 29 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act;
  • Comply with the Employment Equity Act;
  • Determine when agreement is needed for any changes;
  • Provide a general framework and guidelines to prevent discriminatory practices;
  • Ensure that employees know and understand the expected standards of performance and conduct;
  • Ensure fair and consistent treatment of all employees;
  • Incorporate the principles of fairness and natural justice; and
  • Prevent unfair or unlawful treatment of employees.

Michalsons Employment Contract Template Solution

To meet these requirements we recommend at a minimum that you need the following documents:

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Depending on the complexity of your organisation you may also need a combination of:

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Your Content Goes Here

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Why Michalsons?

  • Benefit from our years of experience and insight. Our senior associate Graham Giles is a practising attorney and notary public with substantial knowledge and experience acquired over nearly 50 years of legal practice.
  • Manage your risks by being up to date. Graham develops GilesFiles which means that he is absolutely up-to-date with the latest case law as he monitors and summarises all labour cases, Constitutional Court Judgements and cases relating to the Bill of Rights.
  • Reduce disputes. We draft in plain language. This means both the employer and employee understand what they are agreeing to. No legalese.

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