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Do you need assistance with labour and employment law services? We provide a few specific services related to employees, personnel management, human resources (HR) or labour relations. In Graham Giles we have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who concentrates on employment and industrial relations. He can help you by applying his experience and knowledge to your specific circumstances.

Do you need Labour and Employment Law Services?

Is your workplace correctly structured? Are you paying people reasonably and fairly? Do you have sound employment terms and policies in plain language that accurately set out the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employees? Are your restraints of trade enforceable? Do you have an effective way of terminating employment? Are your policies current and legally compliant? Do you know how the changes to our labour laws impact on your enterprise?

These are all important questions, and you need services that will help you to:

  1. avoid labour-related legal problems, difficulties or disputes,
  2. understand the impact of the labour laws on your enterprise, and
  3. reduce labour disputes and eliminate unnecessary wage disputes.

Actions you can take


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