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A labour law guide is something that every legal advisor, compliance officer, legal practitioner and law student should have and I’m very pleased to have my copy of the latest 6th edition of the Labour Relations Law: A Comprehensive Guide. It really is the most up to date and comprehensive guide to labour law in South Africa that exists at the moment. It covers:

  1. the framework of labour law,
  2. the Labour Relations Act,
  3. the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, and
  4. the Employment Equity Act.

But it is not just a rewording of these Statutes. It is a collaborative effort by many leading labour lawyers providing their insights into the subject. It also references and incorporates about 2,500 judgments and awards. Labour law is now such a complex topic with so many source documents that it is very useful to have a summary of the latest position on each aspect of the topic. To give you an idea on how comprehensive it is, it is about as thick as your arm.

Who will find this Labour Law Guide useful?

I think judges, attorneys, advocates, in-house lawyers, legal advisors, academics and law students will find it very valuable. They just cannot afford not to know the latest law. It is not really aimed at people who do not have a legal background. It will take skill to apply the information in this guide to your specific circumstances.

Graham Giles is one of the authors

I am also proud that my father, and a senior associate at Michalsons, Graham Giles, is one of the authors. He contributed to one of the chapters, the bibliography and the table of cases. All very important elements of the book. Graham has many years of experience with labour law and often shares his insights both at Universities and through public and private workshops organised by Michalsons. Currently he is helping people:

Where to order your Labour Law Guide?

You can order your copy of the guide from GilesFiles.


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