POPI and Human Resources (HR)

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The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) has a big impact on human resources (HR). Most people think that POPI only requires them to protect the personal information of their customers. They forget that it also applies to their employees. Employers and managers are legally obliged to protect the personal information of employees. Apart from privacy, the law also protects employees from identity theft and other perils. Risk management is especially important in industries and enterprises where there are thousands of employees. The mining industry is a good example, considering all the personal information and records that exist relating to the health and medical histories of the employees.

We offer a presentation, seminar, workshop, or executive briefing on POPI and Human Resources by an expert with practical experience. We also offer an eCourse on request.

POPI and Human Resources Workshop Outcomes

  • Know how the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and the laws relating to job applicants and employees affects you.
  • Understand your legal responsibilities as a responsible manager when processing personal information of job applicants and employees.
  • Apply your knowledge and understanding in all fields of managing personal information of job applicants and employees.

What do we cover?

  • Constitutional, statutory and common law rights of job applicants and employees.
  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Employment records.
  • Monitoring and surveillance at work.
  • Health records of employees and applicants.
  • Protection of employee rights.
  • Garnishment orders and disclosure of employment.
  • Employment contracts, practices and policies.
  • Payroll implications and avoidance of discrimination.
  • Handling religious and other beliefs of employees.
  • Disclosing trade union membership and political affiliation.
  • Reporting on race and gender for the Employment Equity Act and BEE.
  • Overlaps between POPI and labour and employment law.
  • Consequences of processing personal information unlawfully or unfairly.
  • Appointing an Information Officer.
  • Planning for the future based on the POPI timeline.
  • Listing the necessary, practical and effective action items.

Course material

We will provide attendees with:

  • a link to an electronic copy of our presentation,
  • our POPI Mapper – a tool to map activities,
  • a list of POPI Action Items so that the session translates into practical action, and
  • an audio recording of the event (private sessions only).

Who should attend and why?

  • Personnel and human resource managers to empower them to avoid the inherent risks of managing such information.
  • Employers (both public and private) to ensure they meet their responsibilities.
  • Recruiters to ensure they protect the personal information of job applicants.
  • Judges to know the new law and make good judgements.
  • CCMA commissioners to perform their role effectively.
  • Trade Unionists to know how to protect their members.
  • Students to know how POPI practically applies. We offer a 10% discount to students.
  • Please note that the content of this particular workshop has not been created for attorneys and is therefore not suitable for them. We may offer sessions specifically for attorneys at a later time.

Public workshops

We are not currently running public workshops specifically on POPI and HR , but do recommend that you consider attending our full day POPI Act Workshops.

Private workshops

We provide private, in-house workshops to you at your premises. Email our support desk to get in touch to discuss a suitable date.

Who is the presenter?

practical attorney from Michalsons. We will ensure the attorney is the best person to present the course depending on the type of course, the date, the specific issues and the attendees. For example, Graham Giles often presents on this topic. Graham is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable labour lawyers in South Africa who focusses on Employment and Industrial Relations. He can help you by applying his experience and knowledge to your specific circumstances. Because POPI has such a big impact on HR, he is helping organisations protect the personal information of their employees. He is an experienced and interesting speaker.

How long is it?

We provide this course in different formats. Public and private sessions can last for anything from 45 minutes, half a day or a full day. We also provide eCourses that can be done via the Internet at your convenience. We welcome enquires for more information and details.


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