POPI and Financial Advisers

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The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) has real significance for the financial and wealth management industry. Financial advisers process a great deal of personal information – the financial history and affairs of their clients, personal information regarding their beneficiaries (often children) and information regarding their medical health. They also use third parties, such as administrators and other service providers, to process personal information for them.

Securing the integrity and confidentiality of clients’ information has always been ‘best industry practice’. POPI has made this a legal obligation. Financial advisers need to safeguard their clients’ privacy and protect them from identity theft and from their savings and investments being stolen. It is your responsibility to ensure that you (and your administrators and service providers) process personal information lawfully. You also need to ensure that your direct marketing campaigns are compliant with POPI’s stricter requirements.

Failure to comply with POPI has serious financial implications (you will get fined). It could also get you imprisoned and irretrievably damage your reputation and the trust clients have placed in you.

We have designed a pragmatic workshop specifically for financial advisers. By attending this workshop, you will walk away better informed of your POPI obligations and able to identify major risks in your organisation. You will be provided with tools to implement quick wins and plot the actions you need to take to make you POPI compliant.

What do we cover?

  • What personal information are you processing? Why must you protect it?
  • What role do you perform? Are you a responsible party or an operator?
  • Do you know what your obligations are to process information lawfully?
  • Do you know what consents are required to market directly to clients?
  • What is the relationship between you as a responsible party and your operators? Are there safeguards in place to ensure they are processing information lawfully?
  • What are the consequences and risks if you or your operators process unlawfully?


  • Understand how POPI practically applies to your industry,
  • Know how to identify who performs what role and your responsibilities under POPI,
  • Be aware of the consequences and risks of not complying,
  • Get practical guidance to make your privacy and cookie policies and direct marketing campaigns POPI compliant,
  • Plan the road ahead using our POPI Mapper, and
  • Walk away with a list of Action Items to enable you to translate the session into practical action.

Course material for POPI and Financial Advisers

Attendees will be provided with:

  • a link to an electronic copy of our presentation,
  • POPI-compliant templates to use as a guide for (1) your privacy policies, and (2) direct marketing consent requests,
  • our POPI Mapper – a tool to map activities,
  • a list of POPI Action Items so that you can translate the session into practical action,
  • an audio recording of the event (private sessions only).

Public workshops

We have workshops scheduled in the following cities:

Workshop dates to be advised. If you have a specific query, do not hesitate to contact us.

One delegate costs R3,990 (including VAT).  Two or more qualifies for a 10% discount. We will serve refreshments. We do limit delegate numbers to ensure you get focused, personalised sessions so bookings are done on a first come, first served basis. Send us an email if you would like to be notified of the next public workshop. We give practical insights and solutions that you can use to ensure you will comply with your POPI obligations. We do not give lengthy law lectures! We will refund you, if you do not think you received value.

Private workshops

We are able to provide private, in-house seminars, workshops or executive briefings at your premises. To arrange a session, email our support desk to get in touch to discuss a quote and a suitable date.

Who should attend?

  • Financial advisers and planners,
  • Wealth managers,
  • Insurance brokers,
  • Financial service providers,
  • Compliance officers within your organisations.

Who is the presenter?

A practical attorney from Michalsons. We will ensure the attorney is the best person to present the course depending on the type of course, the date, the specific issues and the attendees.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.