Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (24 July 2013)

//Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (24 July 2013)

On 23 July 2013, the National Assembly considered the changes made to the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) by the NCOP and it will formally accept them soon. The NCOP made a few changes, but they were largely technical in nature. For example, 2012 is changed to 2013. You can read all of them by downloading the Report by Select Committee of the NCOP. So, POPI is now really finalised.

The only hurdle now left before POPI becomes law is for the President to sign it. It is not contentious so this will happen fast. POPI may well be law in August 2013. You will only have one year from the commencement date to comply or face significant consequences.

We are currently helping many organisations to comply with POPI. We are expert practical legal advisers with experience on POPI.

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