Launch of Michalsons POPI Compliance Programme

We're excited to introduce you to the Michalsons POPI Compliance Programme. The programme is a set of related activities with the long-term aim of complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Why the Michalsons POPI Compliance Programme? We have [...]

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POPI Commencement Date or POPI Effective Date

Many people want to know what the POPI commencement date (or effective date) will be. It is important because the grace period of one year starts running from the commencement date - the clock starts ticking. You must comply with POPI and [...]

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Shortlist of Candidates for Information Regulator

Parliament has shortlisted candidates for Information Regulator. This suggests that the Information Regulator will be established in 2016 and that POPI will commence later this year. Who the members of the Information Regulator are is very important. South Africa (both responsible [...]

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POPI Regulations not yet Published

Are you looking for the POPI Regulations? The reason you cannot find them is because they do not yet exist. There are two people who have the power to make regulations. Minster's POPI Regulations The Minister of Justice and Constitutional [...]

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Code of Conduct for an Industry Body

Many associations publish a code of conduct to which their members must adhere. It is binding on their members and self-regulation in the public interest. There are often good reasons for drafting and publishing a code. Sometimes, it is so [...]

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POPI Update: Parliament delays POPI to 2016

Many people are waiting for confirmation of the POPI commencement date. For any project it is always helpful to know your deadline. Parliament and the Minister are yet to give us a clear indication of the POPI timeline. POPI became [...]

Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

Parliament has invited everyone to nominate five people for Parliament to appoint as members of the Information Regulator. Do you want to nominate someone? Do you know anyone who might want to nominate someone? Finding the right members is important to [...]

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Class Action for Civil Damages

A class action is quite common in other parts of the world and until recently South African courts haven't properly addressed the issue. This has all changed with the Transnet class action, South Africa's first and largest suit of its [...]

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Impact of POPI on Records Management

What is the impact of POPI on Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)? Will an EDRMS help you to comply with POPI? Does POPI mean that you need an EDRMS even more? Will POPI have an impact on your [...]

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“Fraudulent” access to an IT system containing unprotected public data

Is it an offence to access data that is freely available on the Internet? Many of us would think that it isn’t if the data is accessible by the public. Can a person use public data (that may include public [...]

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