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Information Regulator in South Africa

The Information Regulator is a new regulator that has been created by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). POPI gives the Information Regulator teeth - it has extensive powers to investigate and fine responsible parties. Data subjects will be [...]

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Access to Information Book

The access to information book was published by LexisNexis in May 2016. The book is written by Ronée Michelle Robinson. Access to information is based on the right to access to information in South Africa.  The book focuses on the [...]

Shortlist of Candidates for Information Regulator

Parliament has shortlisted candidates for Information Regulator. This suggests that the Information Regulator will be established in 2016 and that POPI will commence later this year. Who the members of the Information Regulator are is very important. South Africa (both responsible [...]

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Budget Allocated for POPI Regulator

The POPI Regulator has received an allocation in the 2016 National Treasury Budget tabled in Parliament. It is interesting because it gives us an indication of what the regulator will look like and when it is likely to be established. [...]

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PAIA Manual deadline extended again!

The Justice Minister has once again exempted most organisations from having to compile a PAIA manual. The PAIA manual deadline has been extended, again. As we previously predicted, the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services has "decided to further exempt [...]

Is the PAIA Manual Deadline upon us?

You may have received an alarming email warning you to submit your PAIA manual or risk missing the deadline of 31 December 2015. December is fast approaching and you're wondering whether you need one. According to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) website, [...]

Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

Parliament has invited everyone to nominate five people for Parliament to appoint as members of the Information Regulator. Do you want to nominate someone? Do you know anyone who might want to nominate someone? Finding the right members is important to [...]

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One for the Group or each Entity within the Group?

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) states that the head of a private body is the Information Officer, and they should compile a PAIA manual for the private body and update the manual regularly (unlesss exempt). According to [...]

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Promotion of Access to Information Amendment Bill

The Promotion of Access to Information Amendment Bill seems to be dead in the water. The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development invited interested parties to submit written comments on the Draft Promotion of Access to Information Amendment Bill, back in [...]

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Do I need an Access to Information Manual?

Do you need an Access to Information Manual? What is it anyway? The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) says that larger public and private bodies need to create a 'manual' that contains, amongst other things: The postal and [...]

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