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Information Regulator in South Africa

The Information Regulator is a new regulator that has been created by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). POPI gives the Information Regulator teeth - it has extensive powers to investigate and fine responsible parties. Data subjects will be [...]

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Appointment of the Information Regulator for POPI and PAIA

Today, 7 September 2016,  the South African National Assembly voted in favour of the appointment of the Information Regulator for POPI and PAIA. Parliament voted for the five nominated candidates to run the newly-formed office of the Information Regulator. This is not [...]

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Shortlist of Candidates for Information Regulator

Parliament has shortlisted candidates for Information Regulator. This suggests that the Information Regulator will be established in 2016 and that POPI will commence later this year. Who the members of the Information Regulator are is very important. South Africa (both responsible [...]

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Budget Allocated for POPI Regulator

The POPI Regulator has received an allocation in the 2016 National Treasury Budget tabled in Parliament. It is interesting because it gives us an indication of what the regulator will look like and when it is likely to be established. [...]

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Nominations for Information Regulator of POPI

Parliament has invited everyone to nominate five people for Parliament to appoint as members of the Information Regulator. Do you want to nominate someone? Do you know anyone who might want to nominate someone? Finding the right members is important to [...]

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