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POPI Update: Parliament delays POPI to 2016

Many people are waiting for confirmation of the POPI commencement date. For any project it is always helpful to know your deadline. Parliament and the Minister are yet to give us a clear indication of the POPI timeline. POPI became [...]

Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (24 July 2013)

On 23 July 2013, the National Assembly considered the changes made to the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) by the NCOP and it will formally accept them soon. The NCOP made a few changes, but they were largely technical in nature. For example, 2012 is changed to [...]

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Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (21 June 2013)

The Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) has been adopted by a Select Committee of the NCOP. What changes have been made and what is the process from here? When will it be enacted? A few changes have been made to POPI, but they are largely technical in [...]

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Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (22 May 2013)

  Many of our clients are interested in the status of the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI). POPI is now the oldest Bill in Parliament and it has taken many years to make its way through the law making process. [...]

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Protection of Personal Information (POPI) update (20 February 2013)

There have been some developments on the Protection of Personal Information Bill or POPI. It is slowly making its way through the process. On 13 February 2013, the Select Committee on Security and Constitutional Development (a committee of the NCOP) met on POPI. [...]

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Institute of Credit Management and POPI

John will be talking for about an hour on the Protection of Personal Information Bill (POPI) for the Institute of Credit Management of South Africa. For more details see the calendar of events on their website. You can access the [...]

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POPI Update (November 2011)

On 7 November, the Technical Committee deliberated the clauses of working draft 5 of POPI. They went through many clauses and discussed many issues, but here are some key points that stood out for me. There are two things that you [...]

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Electronic communications and your privacy: an interview

Recently Mike Silber from Michalsons was a guest on Cape Talk and was interviewed on various topics related to privacy.  Click on the play button to listen to the interview. Caution: The audio files on Michalsons can be large. Most [...]

Privacy: Index (Part 1)

This is an index of legal resources related to Privacy (especially regards the workplace) as at 6 September 2008. Electronic Communications - email, entrapment, internet, SMS, tapping Note: See "Code of Practice on the Protection of Workers' Personal Data" [ILO, [...]