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Recording Conversations without Consent

Do you want to record a conversation without someone's consent? Do you wonder whether it's lawful to do so? While different jurisdictions will give you different answers, you might be surprised to find out that - in many cases - recording without consent is legal. This [...]

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Guide to Advanced Electronic Signatures

Advanced electronic signatures are those electronic signatures which have ‘passed a test' or been accredited. Think of this as a type of "stamp of approval". Without it, certain electronic signatures will simply not be considered good enough to be used to [...]

Legal Resources should be Accessible to Everyone

We believe strongly that everyone should have access to legal resources in their country. If people have access to legal resources like legislation and case law, they will be empowered to engage with the things that really affect them: the [...]

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What Must your Organisation Comply with?

Many people ask us what their organisation must comply with. What is voluntary and what is mandatory. Organisations must comply with all applicable laws. So for example, you must comply with RICA, GDPR, POPIA, the Consumer Protection Act - but [...]

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The role of the certification authority and the ECT Act

Many people have heard the term certification authority or "CA", but are not exactly clear on what it means or what a CA does. In the world of information security and cyberspace certainty over the identification and authentication of the parties [...]

Protection of Personal Information Bill published

The Protection of Personal Information Bill (PPI Bill) was published on 25 August 2009.  An explanatory memorandum has also been published.  Ask yourself these questions: Do you collect personal information?  For example, do you ask your customer to provide you [...]